‘Big Brother’ Spoilers: HoH Enzo Makes Nominations – Who’s on the Chopping Block?

Big Brother spoilers reveal the winner of this week’s Head of Household (HoH) competition, Enzo Palumbo, along with his nominations for the week. The house just sent the legendary Janelle Pierzina packing and immediately began the battle for power. In the end, it was Enzo that came out on top. For the past couple of weeks, the majority alliance has been running the show. But will that change with this latest houseguest in charge or will another floater face eviction?

Big Brother Spoilers: Enzo Palumbo Wins HoH (Head of Household)?

After they sent Janelle home, the remaining Big Brother 22 players jumped into this week’s HoH competition. In order to win, the houseguests had to roll a ball up a ramp and land it in a little divet at the top. They had to do this several times, but it wasn’t as easy as it sounds. If they threw the ball with too much force, it would end up rolling over the top and down a ramp on the other side.

Big Brother spoilers report that time ran out before the rest of the competition could play out on screen. But when the Big Brother Live Feeds returned, Enzo Palumbo wore the HoH room key around his neck. Although Enzo’s not in the giant alliance “The Commission,” he’s a member of the “Core Four” with Cody Calafiore, Nicole Franzel, and Daniele Donato Briones.

Big Brother: Nicole Franzel - Enzo Palumbo - Christmas Abbott - Ian Terry - Tyler Crispen

What’s Enzo Palumbo’s Plan for Eviction?

Now that he holds most of the power this week, Enzo Palumbo gets to nominate two other Big Brother 22 houseguests for eviction. Although he’s previously preached about making “big moves,” that’s not what he’s doing. He’s decided to target Kaysar Ridha – surprise, surprise – who’s all alone after the house took out Janelle on Thursday night.

Big Brother spoilers indicate that sitting on the block next to Kaysar is Kevin Campbell. Enzo’s only using him as a pawn. This is in order to ensure the house votes out Kaysar. Yesterday, when the nomination ceremony took, Enzo was true to his word. He put Kaysar and Kevin on the Big Brother chopping block. Next, they’ll play for the Power of Veto to try and save themselves from the threat of eviction.

Big Brother: Kaysar Ridha - Kevin Campbell

Big Brother: Enzo’s Backup Plan

If Kaysar Ridha manages to win the PoV, Enzo Palumbo’s already got a backup plan in place. In the case that Kaysar saves himself, Enzo has his sights set on Ian Terry as a backdoor plan. It wouldn’t be a dumb move to take a shot at Ian since he’s already won the game before.

Not only that, but Ian is super intelligent and could be a big threat if left alone for too long. Yet, Ian promised Enzo that he wouldn’t put him on the block should he win HoH. Do you think Kaysar or Kevin will win the veto? Or is Kaysar doomed to follow Janelle out the door?

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