‘Big Brother’: Did Holly Allen Get Massive Plastic Surgery Before BB21?

Big Brother news is all about Holly Allen and a shocking photo BB alum Evel Dick posted on Twitter. He uploaded a side-by-side photo of a blonde woman and Holly asking if they were the same person. But pointed out that it looked like Holly got some major plastic surgery done. So, did Holly get plastic surgery before coming on Big Brother 21?

Big Brother: Evel Dick Posts Possible “Before” Photo of Holly Allen

Before going on Big Brother it’s important to know that people will find all of your dirty laundry and air it. Which is exactly what might be happening to former Miss Wyoming, Holly Allen. Evel Dick recently posted a photo of her and a blonde woman, wondering if it was actually Holly. “I need confirmation on this,” Dick wrote, “is this real before and after plastic surgery/surgeries?”

Although the two woman share some small similarities like their smile lines and chins it’s almost definitely not Big Brother 21‘s Holly. They might also have similar noses. But if you look closely you can tell that they have different hairlines and eyebrows.

Actual Photos Of BB21’s Holly Allen Raise Questions

Because Holly Allen was named Miss Wyoming in 2012 it wasn’t hard to find some older photos of her. Which might prove that she did, in fact, get some plastic surgery. Big Brother fans noticed that her teeth appeared to get bigger and straight. Something that would improve her looks for her pageant career. Others pointed out how her nose is most definitely narrower and smaller than the pageant photos depict.

We found several photos of Holly and posted them below so that you cans see for yourself. In the first you obviously tell that her teeth were not as straight or even as they are now.

In this pageant photo her nose is larger and straighter than what it looks like inside the Big Brother house.

Big Brother 21: Or Is She Just Really Good At Contouring?

The answer would be a definite no. Although Holly Allen has shown a proficiency for makeup during her time on the show it’s impossible to contour everything about yourself. For one, her teeth would have to have been capped in order to change their appearance. And while she can contour her nose to look narrower and more dainty it still looks like she may have gotten a nose job.

But even if she didn’t have plastic surgery Holly is probably using her looks as part of her Big Brother game to distract the boys. Watch Holly and the rest of the house when the next BB episode airs on Sunday.

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