‘Big Brother’: CBS Evicted Cliff Hogg’s Family from Live Audience Seats for Finale Night

Big Brother 21 came to an end Wednesday. Cliff Hogg III had been evicted days earlier and on finalie night, his family was also evicted from the BB house. According to his daughter, Kelly Hogg, CBS only allows the family of the Final 3 into the live audience. Cliff’s family was sent packing when they showed up to watch him on stage. So, Cliff’s family had to watch the live finale at a local bar instead of greeting Cliff when he comes out on stage.

Big Brother: Cliff Hogg Just Misses Final 3 Seat

Cliff Hogg and Nicole Anthony thought they were headed to Final 3, but Jackson Michie had other plans. He won the PoV while he was on the chopping block next to his showmance partner Holly Allen. Then he told the other Big Brother duo that he was going to vote out Cliff.

It was something fans saw coming a mile away, but was kind of a shock to Cliff and Nicole. But Cliff Hogg accepted his fate in the fourth place spot and headed to jury. Yet, he did promise he would not be voting for Jackson if he makes it to Final 2.

CBS Doesn’t Invite Cliff’s Family To Finale

The family of Cliff Hogg made the hike to Los Angeles from the flooded Houston area to see him. But according to Kelly Hogg, Cliff’s daughter, they’ll be watching the live finale in a local bar as if they were just regular Big Brother fans. When asked on Twitter why they couldn’t get into the finale, Kelly said that a representative from the show told them “no.”

This is something that’s happened before. Big Brother Over the Top contestant Alex Willett said it happened to her boyfriend. He had a ticket to the finale night show and was kicked out.

Big Brother: Fan Offers Their Tickets To Hogg Family

One generous fan reached out and told Kelly Hogg she could have their two tickets to the finale. Kelly thanked them, but politely declined the offer. She said it was because her family had already been told “no” by Big Brother production. Other fans reached out with advice and even offered tips on where they could watch the finale and where they shouldn’t.

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