‘Big Brother’ 22: What Is CBS Doing With Alternate ‘BB22’ Cast Members?

Big Brother 22 is right around the corner and there might be a couple more alums on the list than there are entering the house. Reportedly, CBS brought in alternate houseguests in case any of their core choices test positive for COVID-19.

So, we want to know what they might be doing with those people if they don’t need them. Also, how much are they getting paid to be there?

Big Brother 22: Alternates For BB22 Fly Into Los Angeles

When CBS flew in the prospective all-stars into Los Angeles for Big Brother 22, they also brought in some extra alums. According to our source, the players coming in don’t know if they are in the core group will be alternates.  And now, with two players testing positive for the virus, the line-up is changing.

The two positive players completely threw CBS off and prevented them from revealing the cast this week as previously planned. Our sources tell us that the two alums were partying at clubs in Miami before leaving for this Big Brother: All-Stars season.

Alternates Could Host Comps or Even Enter Game

So, the big question when it comes to the alternates, is what does production plan on doing with them if they don’t play the game. Well, since they’d already be cleared for COVID-19, they could potentially enter the Big Brother house in order to host competitions. There won’t be any outsiders coming in to host this summer, so it would either have to happen this way or through video chat.

Another option is giving them a chance to enter the game. Maybe Big Brother fans vote on which player they’d like to see enter the house. Or, there could be a competition among the alternates, and the winner gets to join the game. It would be a waste to have them quarantined and not do anything with them.

Big Brother 22: CBS Paying a Pretty Penny?

Of course, CBS will be compensating the backup players nicely for their time. Big Brother 22 will be one of their only shows airing this summer with new episodes, so it should see an upwards in ratings. With everyone desperate for new television, it may be their highest rated season ever. It may be why CBS is using an All-Star cast.

Using only Big Brother All-Stars also means they don’t have to do extensive casting searches. With everything on lockdown, scouting new contestants and vetting them is extremely difficult. But, using BB players we all know and love solves the casting problem.

BB22 premieres with a live move-in and cast reveal on August 5 at 9/8c on TLC.

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