‘Bachelor in Paradise’ Spoilers: Update On Chris Randone and Krystal Nielson

Bachelor in Paradise is still at a point where they are full of couples and one of those is Chris Randone and Krystal Nielson. If you are looking for an update on this couple, then you are in the right spot. Reality Steve is always able to figure out a few spoilers and this is one of them he was able to nail down.

Do they make it through the show?

It turns out that Chris Randone and Krystal Nielson are still together when Bachelor in Paradise ends. They leave the show as a couple, but Chris doesn’t end up proposing. At the end of Bachelor in Paradise, they always ask them to pop the question. They even bring in Neil Lane to give them a ring. Chris must have turned this all down because as of right now there aren’t any spoilers out that they are engaged. An engagement is a pretty big deal after just knowing each other for such a short time.


Chris went to his Instagram to share that he has been dealing with a lot of trolls while on this season of the show. People are talking about how they feel like Chris Randone is one of those guys that actually treats girls with disrespect. He shares that this isn’t the case at all. Chris even admits to being depressed from the way that people are treating him online. He went on to explain that nobody told him to write this post. It wasn’t for publicity, but Chris just wanted to pour his heart out.

He also admits to feeling terrible for the way he treated Tia and Krystal. It must have all worked out in the end, though. It sounds like Krystal forgave him because things worked out in the end. He even tells her that he is sorry for the way he treated her when she was trying to be there for him.

The spoilers are that Krystal and Chris were together when the season came to an end. Hopefully, they are still together and going strong. The fans will have to find out the details when they share it all on the big reunion show at the end of Bachelor in Paradise. 

What about the other Bachelor in Paradise couples?

There are several couples that will come out of this season of Bachelor in Paradise. This week, the viewers saw Colton Underwood and Tia Booth decided to be girlfriend and boyfriend. That doesn’t mean that it will last, though. It looks like they don’t end up making it past the show, but there could be more going on that nobody knows about just yet.

Another big couple this season is Jordan Kimball and Jenna Cooper. They have already been through a bit on the show and Jenna wasn’t the first girl that Jordan connected with but by the end of the show, he will allegedly be down on one knee with the Neil Lane ring in his hand. These two end up engaged and seem to be together still at this time.

For now, the fans are going to have to wait and see how many couples end up together, but it looks like there are going to be several. It will be hard for there to be a couple to come out of this season that the fan love as much as Jade and Tanner Tolbert or Carly and Evan Bass.

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