‘Bachelor in Paradise’ Spoilers: Are Jordan Kimball and Jenna Cooper Still Together?

Bachelor in Paradise spoilers show fans want to know if Jordan Kimball and Jenna Cooper are still together. These two connected on the show, but they already had a bit of drama. Jordan isn’t really showing the side of himself that he did on The Bachelorette, but it is coming out from time to time. Now, the viewers are hoping for spoilers about if they are still together and the spoilers are here.

Bachelor in Paradise Spoilers: Jordan Kimball and Jenna Cooper’s story

Romper shared a few details about Jordan and Jenna. It turns out before Jordan ever went to Bachelor in Paradise that he admitted Jenna was someone he hoped would be there. He was really looking for her to be there and it worked out. The second she walked in you could see that Jordan was a smitten kitten.

When Jenna showed up, Jordan was still with Annaliese Puccini. It didn’t take him long to leave her and move on to being with Jenna, though. Tonight there was a bit of a chance that Leo Dottavio was going to ask her on a date, but then he invited Kendall Long instead.

Bachelor in Paradise spoilers reveal that Jenna and Jordan are going strong. They both have really strong personalities, so it is going to be interesting to see if these two can last once the show comes to an end or if they will even make it that far.


Update on Jordan Kimball and Jenna Cooper

First off, you can stalk their social networks and Jordan and Jenna are keeping things a secret. They aren’t sharing if they are together or not there. Jordan did share that he found love while on Bachelor in Paradise and it seems like it had to be Jenna seeing how late in the season it is already. He also said he was happy with the way that the season came to an end.

Accept this Rose shared huge spoilers about the ending of this season. It turns out that Jordan and Jenna get engaged at the end of this season of Bachelor in Paradise. Jordan and Jenna will go to the fantasy suite when some couples turn down this key. After that, he ends up proposing to her. Of course, Jenna says yes and as of right now it seems like these two are still going strong. If they have split, then they have been able to keep it a secret from everyone.

Reality Steve did share that they are engaged, but if they end up making it after the show is the big question. Jordan and Jenna are going to have to learn how to be in a relationship in the outside world. That isn’t going to be easy at all, but hopefully, they can make it work. Each season of Bachelor in Paradise needs one happy ending and hopefully, this is at least one of them.

Other couples on the show

There are several couples on Bachelor in Paradise this season. The fans want to know the details about how they are doing. There is a bit of information out about if Colton Underwood and Tia Booth are still together. Reality Steve always does a great job of sharing the spoilers, so fans are just going to have to see if he is right about this season.

It is going to be pretty hard for any of the couples to turn into the Evan Bass and Carly Waddell or Jade Roper and Tanner Tolbert of the season. Only time will tell if we get that great fairytale ending.

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