‘America’s Got Talent’ Trapeze Act Goes Horribly Wrong – Judges Cringe and Gasp

America’s Got Talent saw something go horribly wrong last night during a trapeze act that a couple was performing. The act itself screamed danger from the beginning without a safety net below on stage. But when it was almost over, the screams came from the audience.

Simon Cowell couldn’t keep his face from grimacing as the other America’s Got Talent judges covered their eyes. It was clear from the beginning that this was an act never witnessed by the masses before.


America’s Got Talent Death-Defying Trapeze Act

The man and woman used each other as the trapeze instead of the traditional swings made from ropes and rings. The only thing they had to hold onto was each other while sharing one small pole suspended from the ceiling by ropes. The act called themselves Duo Transcend. They are a husband and wife team named Mary and Tyce.

This was a husband and wife team who performed this death-defying act on America’s Got Talent Tuesday night. During their performance, the show’s cameras panned back and forth between the act, the judges, and the audience.

Jaws Dropped, People Gasped, and Eyes Were Covered

It was easy to see the people in the audience and the judges were having a hard time watching. With that said, the viewers at home had to be on the age of their seats.

The act was so different due to the lack of ropes and swings used by this couple. A traditional high-flying act has ropes with rings attached, so the trapeze artists have something to grab onto. Not this act, these two relied totally on one another to hold them up off the ground. They did this off one swing, which was set on fire half-way through the act.

America's Got Talent - Judges Panel


The Catch That Went Horribly Wrong on America’s Got Talent

The couple looked as if they were straining while catching each other through the tumbles and swinging. They were expending so much energy that they looked tired. The husband is legally blind in one eye, which you might assume would make this even riskier.

Just as the duo was wrapping up their act, the man donned a blindfold before attempting to catch his wife as she dropped from above him. As you can see in the video that didn’t happen. The woman’s legs slipped through his hands and she tumbled a long way to the floor.

Couple’s 2-Year-Old Watched In Audience

Mary’s mother and the couple’s 2-year-old son were in the audience.  If the toddler were to see his mother take that fall it would have been a bit scary for the tot. But the boy’s grandmother acted quickly to shield him from most of it.

The grandmother did manage to grab her grandson and pull him close to her so his eyes were covered when his mother slipped and fell. This didn’t save the grandmother from becoming distressed. Until Mary emerged from that fall, her mother looked panicky and worried.

America’s Got Talent Audience Faces Said It All – Horror!

People in the audience were seen with horrifying looks on their faces. Parents covered their children’s eyes and the Judges looked shocked and in horror. The horror was cut short when Mary sprung up from the stage floor and raised her arms to show that she was OK.

That wasn’t what you’d expect from this, at home you waited with baited breath for the paramedics to get on stage. But, that wasn’t the case, she actually was able to get up and walk.

Simon Cowell Soothes Their Woes

While the couple looked as if they believed they spoiled their chances at advancing because of that fall, Simon soothed their woes. He told them that singers are off a note or two when on stage. That doesn’t mean they aren’t good singers.

The fall was unfortunate and it shocked the judges but that doesn’t mean their act wasn’t fabulous because it was.

Cowell told the couple: “I don’t think there’s ever been a singer on any of our competitions who’s been note-perfect. It still doesn’t make them not amazing. It makes them human. And the consequences on this are slightly worse than falling off-key, whereas you nearly broke your neck. And the fact that you’re nearly blind makes this incredible.”

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