AGT: The Willis Clan Returns with Song ‘Speak My Mind’ About Their Heartbreak

The Willis Clan from America’s Got Talent has been through a lot over the last few years, but they are coming back strong. This family singing group has been seen on America’s Got Talent plus their show The Willis Family on TLC. Now, their dad Toby Willis is in prison for child rape. He was actually sentenced to 40 years when their oldest daughter decided to come clean about things that happened in their past. The entire family was shocked this news came out, but it turns out she wasn’t the only victim.

The Willis Clan new song ‘Speak My Mind’

After fans have been waiting for a long time, The Willis Clan has finally put out a new song and a new music video. They are now using the spotlight to share a message and it is a good one. The Willis Clan isn’t shying away from the fact that they have been through a lot recently. It is not easy to be vulnerable in your music, but they did it and you want to listen to it below.

Jenny Willis-McDowell gave a statement about the new music that the family just put out.

“Now it seems clear, of course, that Speak My Mind is both part of our own healing process, and an opportunity to share our story and raise awareness of the issues involved. We’ve learned, unfortunately, that this kind of abuse is not an uncommon thing. Originally though, when we were writing these songs and others, it wasn’t with an album in mind. We just always loved making music, and songwriting seemed to be a natural response and an organic process; yet once we got several songs in, we realized that putting some of these songs together could be a pretty intense and powerful album.”

If you are interested in this album, it can already be pre-ordered on iTunes. The Willis Clan is putting a lot of emotions out there for the fans. This is a great way to catch up with them through their music.

How is The Willis Clan now?

The family even has a new album coming out at the end of September. There are 12 children in the Willis family. Right now, the group has six members. They are Jackson, Jasmine, Jeremiah and Jedi Willis and Jenny Willis-McDowell and Jeannette Willis-Piatt. This could change as they get older and some move on. You will notice that Jessica Willis-Fisher, who used to be a staple in the group is now missing. She is the one who reported her father initially. Jessica is doing well and is now married, but she seems to have moved on from The Willis Clan. She is sharing a lot about her life on her blog.

Jenny admitted that the Willis family hasn’t always been open with each other. While they were working on this album, they had to be vulnerable and open up. This in a way had to bring them closer to each other. She shared that they left a lot of feelings inside and it isn’t that way now. Such a hard time in their life has brought them together.

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