‘American Idol’: Celebs Take the Stage – Who You May Have Missed

American Idol has had big names grace the stage this week to perform with the show’s contestants. Here are some of your favorite artists who you may have missed.

American Idol: Just Who Came Performed?

American Idol is known for creating stars out of nothing. Many people come to the show just wanting a chance to win and change their life forever. And the ones that win sometimes come back. But not to compete. Some come back to show support to those trying to do the same thing they did, like Tori Kelly, who came back and sang a duet with two contestants.

Huge names like PJ Morton, Josh Groban, and Jason Aldean are also joining contestants on the stage. Each having their assigned contestant try to keep up with them and their style of music. More artists like Jewel, Brandon Boyd, Kathrine Mcphee, and Jimmie Allen came out to perform as well. American Idol doesn’t stop with the names there. Joss Stone, Brian McKnight, Ryan Tedder, and Ben Rector also encouraged the young artists on the show.

American Idol: Brian McKnight

FOX Idols Drops to Sixteen People

American Idol is finally letting America vote to help the number of contestants on the show drop. The judges are there for show and feedback, but it’s up to America now. They are still dropping by the multiples, and this week they are losing eight amazing singers from their lineup. The hard part of all this is deciding who stays. America is breaking off into fan groups to try and get their favorites to stay on stage.

The big show names are brought on stage to help the performers come into their own. If there is one thing the judges have said to most contestants, it’s that they have to find more confidence on stage. Some are able to hold their own and ignore that one of the greatest names in music is on stage with them. But some crack a bit under pressure, not staying focused. Lionel Richie, one of the star-studded American Idol judges, points out that you just have to let go and not think to be comfortable.

American Idol: Kathrine Mcphee

American Idol: Some Stars Stole the Show

American Idol has had some of the music industry’s biggest names come by and sing duets with the contestants. Some of the unforgettable performances belong to Wyatt Pike and Ben Rector singing his song Brand New. A tear-jerking performance of The Prayer by Celine Dion, sang by Willie Spence and Kathrine Mcphee, also stole the show.

But that is not all, because Alyssa Wray, who also sang with Kathrine Mcphee, really brought some talent. All 24 contestants really have potential and the chance to be the next American Idol.

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