‘American Idol’: Katy Perry Talks Mom Life Struggles

American Idol judge Katy Perry opens up while judging about real struggles she goes through as a mom. And it’s something all moms can relate to.

American Idol: Katy Perry Has a Baby

American Idol star Katy Perry is known for her singing career as a singer/songwriter. She is currently engaged to actor Orlando Bloom, and the couple announced they have had their baby. They named her Daisy Dove Bloom, and both parents are over the moon. And while this is Katy’s first baby, this is Orlando’s second child. Both parents have super busy lives outside of parenting, and sometimes it’s hard to manage.

Katy tells a contestant on American Idol that being a new mom is hard work. And sometimes you don’t have time for even the small things you used to. She says she hasn’t shaved her legs in weeks. But this isn’t the first time Katy has mentioned how time-consuming it is to be a mother.

American Idol: Katy Perry

FOX Idol and a Mom

American Idol personality Katy Perry has definitely taken on the role of mom. She loves to talk about her baby and how much she loves being a mother. Earlier in the season, Katy strutted around in a cow print dress that had flaps so she could breastfeed. And they censored it, but she tried to flash the cameras. She says she used to be full of energy, but now she’s not sure she has any. So her castmates suited up.

Katy is known for her exciting attitude and always wanting to have a good time. She is really close with all her fellow American Idol judges, and they are also excited for her baby. They showered her in gifts, and Katy even talked about taking her little one to visit them where they live. And maybe the winner of this season will be close with baby Daisy Bloom as well.

American Idol: Katy Perry

American Idol: Katy Perry and Her Time

Katy Perry from American Idol has made it known she is low on time since having her baby. But she says she doesn’t mind. And when she hears one of the contestants sing, it just reminds her of her limit on time. Katy says that it has been a while since she has shaved her legs and that when she heard the beauty of the song, her leg hair stood up. She even kicked her leg up in Luke Bryant’s face to show him.

He then confirms the leg hair with a laugh. Katy may not have much time anymore now that she is a new mother, but she still has time to make people smile. She has recently given over the voting rights on American Idol to the fans. So now she can just sit back and listen to the talented singers.

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