‘Amazing Race’ Left Out Comp That Wrecked Corinne and Eliza’s Game

Amazing Race left out some critical information leading up to Corinne Kaplan and Eliza Orlins elimination last episode. There had been a head-to-head competition that the production team edited out. This left the Survivor girls and the Reilly sister duo competing for the last spot. Which is also probably why Corinne and Eliza were so pissed while standing next to them on the mat. That breakdown was one of the craziest from the last episode.

Amazing Race Spoilers: Missing Footage Confuses Fans

Some fans found the team placements not adding up at the end of the last episode of The Amazing Race. After looking into it, it was revealed that before the pit stop, there was a head-to-head comp that was not aired.

H2Hs are when teams face off against other teams two at a time. If they win, they move on and if they lose, they keep playing until they win. But, producers cut the footage. But Victor Arroyo and Nicole Franzel discussed it on their podcast Coco Caliente. It was reportedly a badminton game according to a tweet from a TAR crew member.

Cut Competition Explains Eliza Orlins and Partner Corinne Kaplan’s Reactions

When the two Amazing Race teams arrived in front of Phil Keoghan on the mat, Eliza Orlins and Corinne Kaplan looked defeated. Having lost to Rachel Reilly and Elissa Slater was a huge blow to the Survivor ladies. They have hated the Big Brother sisters from the start and were angry when they fought over a taxi cab.

So, it was obvious from their faces that they hated standing right next to the team that just had beat them. Especially because it was Rachel and Elissa, whom they have no love for. Eliza even walked away so that they could not get the satisfaction of seeing her cry.

Amazing Race Spoilers: Rachel Reilly and Sister Elissa Slater Tears Make Sense

Most people had no idea why Rachel and Elissa were crying at the end of the last Amazing Race episode. Because Phil did not eliminate them. Missing competition footage left fans in the dark. The ejected pair seemed to be having an extreme reaction based on what was shown last week. But TAR cut out something big for some reason.

If viewers had seen this competition, they would have known that the Big Brother alumni were very close to coming in last place. That explains that waterworks that smudged the pair’s makeup as well as the explosion from the last place team. To see if the sisters last another leg of the competition, tune in on Wednesday for another Amazing Race episode!

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