‘Alaskan Bush People’: Bear Brown Gives Mom Birthday Gift – Remember It’s the Thought That Counts

Alaskan Bush People star Bear Brown might be engaged but that doesn’t stop him from reverting back to a much younger age.  Ami Brown celebrated her birthday this week as a couple of her kids sent her birthday wishes online. Bear Brown went one step further by buying his mom a present and sharing it via an online video.

Alaskan Bush People: Bear Brown and Brothers Stuck In Adolescence?

Bear Brown and the other Alaskan Bush People boys are a bit behind the time when it comes to age-appropriate milestones. Like Gabe Brown, who will be 30 in December. Gabe just recently started to learn to drive.

Bear Brown’s sisters, Snowbird Brown and Rain Brown, seem to do okay with their transition into adulthood. But the boys are a different story. The Alaskan Bush People lads tend to be a bit immature as they still have playtime in their late 20s and early 20s. Sure men of all ages partake in playtime like golf, cards, or tennis, but not the Brown boys.

Alaskan Bush People: Bear Brown

Mud, Masks, and Make-Believe – The Brown Wolf Pack

When the Bear Brown and his brothers get together for the Alaskan Bush People wolf pack it’s like a gang of kids in the woods. They think nothing of rubbing mud all over their exposed skin before chasing each other through the woods. It’s like a backwoods version of cowboys and Indians.

Bear Brown, who recently became engaged to Raiven Adams, made himself a red a cape to use when running through the woods. A recent post from the Alaskan Bush People alum (shown above) shows how Bear has the same types of infatuations that little kids have. He’s in a Deadpool mask, which some fans have commented is very immature. Other fans think it’s perfectly normal as people of all ages are fans of the Marvel Universe. There’s even a Marvel credit card for fans.

Some of the homes the Brown family plans to build are comic book or fantasy inspired. Noah is building a “castle” as his permanent home on the mountain for his soon-to-be family of three. While Rhain Brown is still pregnant on this season, in real time they have a healthy baby boy, Elijah Brown.

Right now on the show Bear’s brother Gabe and his girlfriend Raquell Rose live in a loft above a barn full of farm animals. It’s a place where many kids growing up on a farm across the nation might use as their secret clubhouse. But Gabe decided to bring his girlfriend there to live. The new season captures what the Alaskan Bush People were doing as the fall turned into winter last year. So Gabe wasn’t married yet.

Alaskan Bush People: Birthday Present For ‘Best Mom Ever’

It looks like the newly engaged son of the Alaskan Bush People clan got his mom a birthday present. While Ami Brown probably received several gifts from her flock, it appears that Bear is the only one to share his birthday offering online.

A picture of his gift appears above. While the photo is rather dark you can make out that it’s a coffee mug. You can just about make out the words that dub the owner of this cup the “Best Mom Ever”.

Moms across the nation probably have a very similar mug in their cabinet. But unlike Ami, most moms can probably remember the smiling face of the two-year-old, five-year-old, or even their 12-year-old child who presented that mug to them.

Alaskan Bush People celeb Bear Brown is 31-years-old and usually at this age the “Best Mom in the World” type mugs are somewhere in your childhood history of gift-giving. Okay, it’s not the gift, but the thought that counts. Ami will probably be thrilled to get the mug, as mothers would be, regardless of her son’s age.

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