‘Alaskan Bush People’: Bear Brown’s Graphic and Desperate Hunt Just Didn’t Match Up

Alaskan Bush People rolled out a new episode Sunday night with Bear Brown showing off his hunting skills in a rather gory scene. Fans got wise to the show after years of the Brown clan demonstrating how they live off-grid. This resulted in constant slams online about how they duped the viewers.

Alaskan Bush People: Building a Life With Nothing But Bare Hands?

They live in the wild alright, but apparently, it’s just when the cameras roll. In between the seasons, the Alaskan Bush People have all the creature comforts of home. This seems to include a traditional house with four well-built walls. But that’s not news, people started to realize this after the first few seasons.

At one time it looked as if the Alaskan Bush People tribe had nothing but their bare hands for tools in the wild. But things started to change on the show. It seems The Discovery Channel isn’t as invested as they once were about keeping things under wraps.

Recently modern machinery along with conveniences that aren’t usually found in the wilderness slowly emerged on Alaskan Bush People. Sure, it explains a lot, like how they were able to build a state of the art barn and clear the roads. But it also offers some confusion from one scene to another at times.

Alaskan Bush People: Bear Brown

Bear Brown and Siblings Hunt or Go Without Dinner?

When the Alaskan Bush People clan took to hunting on last Sunday’s episode, it was imperative that they succeed. The wolf pack either shot and killed several pheasants or their feast wasn’t going to happen. It sounded like this was their only way to supply their dinner table. So off they went for one gory hunt.

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It also looked like they embarked on some dangerous shooting practice before the hunt as well. Or at least it did to several Alaskan Bush People viewers. They commented online how they worried Gabe Brown might shoot his foot the way he swung that rifle around.

So the Alaskan Bush People siblings set out to shoot some pheasants on Sunday night’s episode. The scene started with these hunters and gatherers in the family appearing desperate to supply food for the table. If they didn’t kill several birds there’d be no dinner, so they said. Back when the show first emerged the Browns had fans believing they hunted and forged for all their food.

So now they throw this urgent hunt at the fans, much as they did back in the early seasons of Alaskan Bush People. But in the scene before this pheasant hunt, they were practicing their shooting. They didn’t use tin cans or old bottles. No, they used a modern clay pigeon launcher.

So Bear Brown and his Alaskan Bush People team of wolf pack hunters had to succeed in bringing home pheasant. Or there’d be no dinner.  Yet hours before they’re sitting with a modern device that dispenses clay targets for practice. One scene didn’t seem to transition without flaws into the next.

Alaskan Bush People: Why Not Hop in the Car and Buy a Frozen Turkey or Two?

If they could buy one of those devices, why not just go to the store and get a couple of frozen turkeys? All this chatter about having to bring home the food sounded as if they had no way to reach civilization where supermarkets dwell. Still, they continued and got the pheasants in a couple of scenes that played out gory.

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Even Noah’s inventions seem to go up a few notches. Many now come with electrical cords instead of batteries or by someone cranking it by hand. Now you just plug them in. His newest brainstorms include an electric saw that you strap onto your arm and hand. Yes, it looks like an accident waiting to happen, but that’s another Alaskan Bush People story filed under hazardous.

The point is they now utilize things that they didn’t while supposedly in the wild. So it’s getting confusing. Today they have vehicles to ride back and forth to the nearest town. Before they needed to take a boat for hours to get to the nearest port in Alaska. While things have changed drastically, it does look odd when they start putting on talent shows as their only form of entertainment. Especially when they have vehicles they can hop in and go to a movie.

Today the Alaskan Bush People seem more open about the use of things not found in the wild. But when they suddenly revert to the days when they had everyone believing they strictly lived off-grid it becomes confusing. They’re not too far removed to have a device that discharges clay pigeons. But dinner hinges on their success of a hunt?

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