‘Alaskan Bush People’: Ami Brown’s Apple Didn’t Fall Far From Tree In Photo

Alaskan Bush People fans just love Ami Brown, the mom of seven who raised the Brown wolfpack a bit differently than most families. Ami started her wilderness journey as a young teenager when she married Billy Brown.

Alaskan Bush People: For Ami Brown, It’s All About Family

Along with teaching her kids to live off the land, this Alaskan Bush People mom holds on tight to some old-fashion values. First and foremost nothing matters more to Ami Brown than her family.

Pictures of the Brown brood are plentiful as the family appeared on the screen of the Discovery Channel for years now. But photos of yesteryear when the kids were still toddling around in diapers seem few and far between online.

While the Brown family members all carry some similarities in appearance, each of the Alaskan Bush People kids is an individual. Some of Billy Brown and Ami Brown’s DNA seems to shine through in personality and looks for all the kids. But you can’t actually say one kid or the other is the spitting image of either parent.

Alaskan Bush People: Ami Brown - Billy Brown - Matt Brown - Joshua Brown - Bear Brown - Gabe Brown - Noah Brown - Snowbird Brown

Dial Back the Years – Snowbird Brown Looks Like Ami’s Twin

That is until you dial back the years to when Ami Brown was in her 20s. Long before any thought of an Alaskan Bush People reality show landed on the drawing board, Ami Brown was a mom without cameras in tow.

But she did have some long-ago family photographs taken at one point. One of those old pictures recently surfaced and it shows how one of Ami’s kids looks exactly like her. Before you learn it’s a throwback pic, at first glance you might ask yourself whose baby is in the arms of Snowbird Brown?

But since the photo is from decades past that can’t be Snowbird holding a baby in that photo. Instead, you’re looking at a very young Ami Brown holding a baby. She’s also surrounded by her other kids and a young Billy Brown as well.

Alaskan Bush People: Child Bride

Most Alaskan Bush People followers know that Ami Brown was just a kid when she married a 26-year-old Billy Brown. She was a bride at 15. So she was also just a kid when she had her own children. While Ami’s age isn’t revealed when that photo was taken, she looks about the age that Snowbird is today.

With only six out of Ami’s seven children in the photo, fans do a little deductive reasoning. It appears the photo was taken before the baby of the family, Rain Brown, was born.

So Ami Brown, who looks like she could be Snowbird today is actually the young mom in that photo. Ami looks as if she is holding Snowbird as a baby. Snowbird was the youngest until Rain came along.

Be sure to tune in to the Discovery Channel on Wednesday nights for more new episodes from Alaskan Bush People.

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