‘Alaska: The Last Frontier’ Atz Lee and Jane Kilcher’s Kids not in New Season 8

Alaska: The Last Frontier‘s Atz Lee Kilcher and Jane Kilcher made an announcement about their kids. They posted on social media their two children, Piper and Etienne, will not be on season 8 of the popular Discovery Channel show. Alaska: The Last Frontier is returning to Discovery on October 7 with a lot of familiar faces – just not the kids.

Alaska: The Last Frontier – Back For Season 8 Without Atz Lee Kilcher’s Kids Again

On September 8, Jane Kilcher proudly announced on Facebook that Alaska: The Last Frontier was officially returning for an eighth season on Oct. 7. Sharing an enthusiastic teaser that she had a “blast” filming the new season, Kilcher also mentioned that she “won’t put her kids on tv.” Anyone who hoped that they would see Piper and Etienne having adventures on their remote Alaskan homestead will have to wait again. Jane and Atz Lee Kilcher’s offspring won’t be featured in the new season.

In previous years, Jane Kilcher has been vocal about their children Piper and Etienne off of the show. Atz Lee Kilcher’s wife of over a decade has often taken to Facebook to explain why she won’t put her kids on the Discovery show. Etienne has been on the show for a brief time. She explained that he is now 16 and he can make the decision to go on the show. But, younger sister Piper, who turned 15 in June, does not wish to appear on the Discovery show at all–and mama bear doesn’t want to expose her daughter to the internet vipers.

Etienne, whose name is the French version of Steven, appeared on the show when Atz Lee was building a hunting cabin for his rehab. Etienne was never formally introduced to the viewers. It wasn’t until Jane Kilcher’s social media posts that fans realized that the tall, strapping teen was their son. He was instrumental in helping his dad build the hunting cabin.

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Who Are Jane Kilcher And Atz Lee’s Kids Piper and Etienne?

Atz Lee and Jane Kilcher who star along with their family on Alaska: TLF have two kids, Piper and Etienne. Like many families, these Kilchers have a blended family. Jane, whose full name is Christina Jane Kilcher, brought in Piper Isolde Kassouni from a previous relationship. Jane was married to Dicran Kassouni. Etienne is Atz Lee’s son from a previous relationship. Jane and her husband Atz Lee have never had a child together.

So far, there has been no information shared on whether the kids spend time with their other parent, or if they leave the Kilcher homestead for any length of time. This is all off camera. Jane Kilcher, who turned 43 on September 14, has also revealed on Facebook that not only are her children off camera, but her mother, Sarah Ferman, is also off camera.

Online Bullying Is the Reason Their Kids Are Not On Alaska: The Last Frontier

Jane explained that bullying on social media is why she doesn’t feel comfortable having her children regularly exposed on television. Already, she has had to deal with internet bullies who spread rumors that she and Atz Lee are having marriage troubles. She will often point out that the crews “film for 200 hours for a 42-minute show,” hinting that viewer don’t get the full story.

One of the biggest issues in the sixth season was that Atz Lee was building that new hunting cabin to rehab his body. He had nearly died in a 2015 fall at Otter Cove Resort. Atz Lee unexpectedly fell over a cliff that lacked a guard rail. Jewel’s brother wound up breaking many bones including a dozen ribs, an ankle, hip, shoulder blade and arm. He wanted to build the cabin in order to build up his strength. Living in the wilds of Alaska, you have to be in top shape. But, this meant that he was not around his wife.

Jane was not happy that he was away for long periods of time. What fueled the rumors was that the former commercial fisherwoman expressed her frustration on camera. She didn’t like the cabin and never saw any reason for Atz Lee devoting so much time with it. Meanwhile, she had to work hard to fill the freezer with meat. Winters are long and they don’t go to the grocery store if they need food. What they hunt or grow is what they live on throughout the long, dark months. Jane showed her frustration as the burden to feed their family was all on her.

Where We Do See Jane & Atz Lee’s Kids

Many reality stars allow their children on the show. For example, Alaskan Bush People feature the entire family including all six children. Gold Rush star Parker Schnabel has been featured in all nine seasons. His compelling coming-of-age story began when he was a teen helping out his grandpa John. Even Atz Lee’s cousin Eivin and his wife Eve feature their children Sparrow Rose and Findlay on the show. But fans of Alaska: The Last Frontier will not be privy to watching the elder Kilchers teach Etienne and Piper the skills needed to live on the homestead.

Instead of seeing the two children on the show, both will pose for social media photos. For example, when Atz Lee’s sister Jewel performed her Las Vegas “One Night for One Drop” charity show back in March, many of the Kilchers tagged along, including a smiling Piper.

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Thankfully, it doesn’t seem like the Kilcher’s get bullied in person. Jane Kilcher posted on Facebook how great it was to meet fans. Jane also got a nice photo of Piper for her social media post to boot!

“We only get to meet our fans when we leave the homestead… thanks for everyone that came up to us …it was so much fun … and jewel rocks!! now we are back in Alaska and starting to film season 8! I’m so inspired after meeting fans! And yes that is my beautiful daughter piper in the photo … she doesn’t want to film but I get her in photos lol!”

Alaska: The Last Frontier will begin on October 7 at 9ET/PT. Make sure to follow Soap Dirt for the latest news on Alaska: TLF.