90 Days Fiance: Jesse Gets Engaged – Covered In Mud Darcey Didn’t Sling [Video]

90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days star Jesse Meester looks very hunky emerging with a mud-covered chest in his latest film venture. Jesse captures the infatuation of a young lady in this newly released teaser clip. She darts her focus back and forth from Jesse’s eyes to his heaving bare torso. While not a word is spoken, the two say a lot with their eyes. Resulting in a very sensual scene.

The name of the movie is With this Ring, which seems to suggest that Jesse and this woman become engaged. While this young lady has her sultry eyes fixed on Jesse Meester she can’t help but glance at that chest of his. This clip shows Jesse in a scene, which is opposite in comparison to his 90 Day Fiance fire and brimstone flair.

90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days – Jesse Meester Engaged… Only in a Movie

So what’s different in this clip as compared to a 90 Day Fiance scene you’ve seen Jesse in? For one, there’s no Darcey Silva. Secondly, neither say a word in this clip. The two use seductive eye glances as well as a few sexy moves to communicate.

Who knew Jesse could look so good covered in water and mud? Furthermore, even though he doesn’t say a word – it looks like the camera loves him.

Jesse Meester and Darcey Silva – Break Through Stars of 90 Day Fiance

Jesse Meester gained fame on the 90 Day Fiance show with his long-distance girlfriend Darcey Silva. Many viewers gravitated to TLC show just to get a gander at what these two would do next. But the bickering eventually became too much with some fans. He made his final exit as the season ended.

Darcey and Jesse’s fame came from their bickering and their constant blowups. While the couple had passion, it seemed to come through in battles, not loving embraces.

‘With this Ring’ the Latest from Jesse Meester

After Jesse and Darcey split up, the two taunted each other via their social media posts. Today it looks like they’ve moved on and he is proud to share the teaser trailer to With this Ring.

Jesse writes that he’s honored to work with the crew of 48hourfilmproduction. The film listed on IMDb this week, which is another bit of news that he was thrilled to share with his fans.

Jesse Meester’s Screen Life – Post-Darcey Silva

It is easy to see this 90 Day Fiance star is busy these days. Jesse Meester credits include both movies and TV roles, with some in production and some in the post-production phase. This 90 Day Fiance star plays a detective in a movie, which he’s currently filming, called DNA.

Jesse is also a lifeguard on a TV series called Spangas on Summer Vacation and he’s getting ready to film a movie called De Libi where he plays the character of a Mooiboy. A loose translation from Dutch to English – Mooiboy seems to mean “handsome boy” or “pretty boy.”

With this Ring – Far from 90 Day Fiance

Jesse Meester shared the clip, With this Ring, on his Facebook account. Playing opposite the 90 Day Fiance alum is Femke Stasse, a young beauty with her very sensual eyes focused on his in the clip.

There’s no sound except a faint constant beat in the background. That noise seems to symbolize their heartbeats. While the clip is short, It’s easy to see that Jesse may have a future on the screen.

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