’90 Day Fiance’: Why Was Michael’s K-1 Visa Denied – Was It His Fault or Angela Deem’s?

Recently, 90 Day Fiance aired scenes of Michael Ilesanmi crying over his K-1 visa denial and Angela Deem raging. But why was it denied? Is it something Michael did – or is the blame on Angela? Take a look at some of the factors that relate to this case and why Angela Deem and fiance Michael may struggle to get him to America.

90 Day Fiance: Is Angela Deem’s DUI to Blame for Michael Ilesanmi K-1 Denial?

When considering a visa, the criminal records of both parties are considered. While we don’t know if 90 Day Fiance‘s Michael Ilesanmi has a criminal history, we confirmed Angela Deem does. In fact, we broke the story of Angela’s DUI last year. But is one DUI enough to tank their application?

A little legal research indicates that one drunk driving arrest wouldn’t kill their K-1 hopes — unless it involved driving drunk with kids in the car or if someone was seriously injured as a result. Angela Deem’s arrest during their first 90 Day Fiance season meets neither of these.

However, if the US citizen is a repeat DUI offender, it can affect things. And Angela Deem’s 2018 was the second reported DUI arrest for the 90 Day Fiance grandma. She had another a few years back resulting in conviction and several years probation.

So, those two DUIs could affect their 90 Fay Fiance plans for Michael Ilesanmi. Because, an immigration attorney told us that all arrests must be disclosed and documents provided. So, if she properly filed her application, Angela would have to list both those drunk driving incidents.

90 Day Fiance: What Else Might Affect Michael’s Visa?

The first consideration is Michael Ilesanmi’s country of birth. Nigeria is #13 for K-1 approvals. The most recent year had about 725 K-1s issued from Nigeria compared with nearly 7,000 from the Philippines. So, the numbers aren’t in their favor it seems, with this 90 Day Fiance process.

Plus, Angela Deem and her fiance Michael Ilesanmi may face challenges because she lives in Georgia. The southern state ranks on the lower end of the scale of K-1 visa acceptance per capita, compared to busier regions like DC, Hawaii, and Alaska who accept 400-800% more 90 Day Fiance applications.

And, there’s the fact that the FBI has many fraud warning related to phishing, email fraud, and other criminal activity tied to Nigeria. Even if Michael Ilesanmi has no criminal past, this may explain low Nigerian 90 Day Fiance approvals. Angela Deem even accused him of fraud…

Is Angela Getting Public Assistance – Another Reason for 90 Day Fiance Rejection?

On recent episodes of 90 Day Fiance, Angela Deem counted off all the people in her household. It looks like her daughter Skyla Deem and her kids live there – as well as Scottie Deem’s children. Plus, Angela’s mom. The more people in your household, the more income needed to hit the 100-125% poverty threshold to qualify for K-1 visa.

If there are nine people living with Angela Deem (as TLC claims), she’d need $50-$60k of income to meet the limit for a 90 Day Fiance visa. Plus, a primary sponsor can’t be getting public assistance unless they have a co-sponsor applying with them who’s financially qualified.

Given Angela’s job, raking in almost $30 an hour seems unlikely. So, that might impact Michael’s visa chances. Unless TLC’s paying her a fat stack of cash. Plus, there’s the question of whether her daughter’s arrest and jail time for child molestation might affect their visa.

Visa Officer Weighs in on Michael’s Rejected Visa

Recently, a visa officer explained the likely reasons why Michael Ilesanmi’s 90 Day Fiance request might be rejected. The expert said that their petition fits the profile of fraud. He said the red flags are their age difference, the fact that Angela Deem can’t have kids, and the “gender reversal” meaning they see is as suspicious with an older American woman and younger foreign male.

The visa officer also said that they’re advised to be on “high alert” because Nigeria is “notorious” for fraud. And, this expert also said that Angela Deem’s application to bring Michael to the US is “effectively dead”. Instead, he advised they marry in Nigeria and try for a spousal visa rather than 90 Day Fiance once.

And one last note from the embassy staffer. They said watching the show, you get the vibe that Michael Ilesanmi cares more about America than Angela Deem. So, if that came across in the interview, they said it probably tanked his chances, too. Stay tuned for more on this.

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