’90 Day Fiance: The Other Way’ – Sumit Vows To Fight For His Jenny “Ripped Apart” [Recap]

This week on 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way , Sumit says he’ll do anything for Jenny Slatten, including trim her toenails and stand up to his family. In that order. Tiffany Franco‘s son Daniel is feeling uneasy in South Africa. Corey Rathgeber continues to be shocked by the lack of amenities in Ecuador. Paul Staehle and wife Karine Martins find out they are having a boy and set sail back to Karine’s hometown. Jihoon Lee gives a messy proposal, but gets a tidy yes from Deavan Clegg. Let’s find out how our favorite couples are faring from Monday’s episode on TLC.

Sumit Will Do Anything For Jenny Slatten on 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way

Sumit is slowly but surely winning the hearts of 90 Day Fiance fans. The self admitted former catfish and call center worker has proven to be a real champ for his lady love Jenny Slatten. He moved across town, lied to his parents and got her an apartment. He even heats water and washes her hair. This week he trimmed her toenails. That my friends is a true labor of love. He admits he’ll do anything for Jenny.

Things are murky for the star crossed 90 Day Fiance couple. It seems they can’t get married without his parents being notified. And they are not accepting of the 60 year old American. Sumit vows to fight this time. Last time he let Jenny go when they pressured him. His Dad calls demanding a GPS location of the 30 year old. He says no , but promises to come back home. At some point he’s going to have to tell the truth. Meanwhile Jenny is afraid she’ll have to return home.

Ronald Smith Schools Young Daniel On the Dangers Of South Africa

On 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way, Tiffany Franco, son Daniel and her fiance Ronald Smith drive through South Africa. Ronald is sighing with relief that Tiffany let his drunken stripper party slide. Daniel is a little scared by what he sees. So Ronald decides it’s a good time to let him know about human trafficking. And that Daniel is just what they are lookin for. He tells him they will snatch him up and sell him to other people.

To raise the young lad’s confidence even more he tells him to hide his phone as people will steal it. Maybe Ronald being one of them after he admits he pawned his mom’s refrigerator and stole from his boss. They order sausages on buns called Boerewors while Daniel looks over his shoulder for traffickers and thieves. He says that Ronald should just come to America. Tiffany tells him there are adult reasons that he can’t. Daniel tells producers he’s being played. Ya think?

This 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way recap finds Tiffany scratching her head as to whether marrying an ex con in a strange country is the best for her son. She grills Ronald on the specific charges on his criminal record. Ronald explains he is simply guilty of being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Like that one time he accidentally put on a friends jacket that had Heroin and LSD in the pocket and got searched. Just a good old-fashioned mistake. Ok Ron, whatever you say.

Jihoon Makes a Dizzying Proposal on 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way

With the Family Jihoon on board ,Jihoon Lee wants to make it official. Gotta hand it to Jihoon. He pulls off a turtle neck, jacket and tennis shoes as good as the best New York hipster you’d see in a leafy Brooklyn coffee shop. At the top of the rotating Stratosphere restaurant in Vegas, he sips red wine. But he’s a mess inside. He’s dizzy and trying to best figure out how to surprise Deavan with a ring.

On 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way, cool hair and hip style aren’t all he’s got going for him. Deavan is pretty preggo. So odds are she’ll have to pee at some point. Of course she does and Jihoon tells the waitress to put the ring in a wine glass of ginger ale. But not before reminding her not to lose it. When Deavan returns she spots the ring in the Canada Dry. Speaking of dry she calmly asks if it’s a ring.

Jihoon says it is and follows up with trying to get the ring out of the glass, standing up and sitting down twice, placing it on her hand and asking her to marry him. To which of course she says yes. Then she spills water and he breaks a glass. Let’s hope that means good luck for the couple. Later Jihoon and his parents head back to South Korea. Deavan is left behind but Jihoon assures her he’ll be back for the birth of the baby.

Paul vs. Poop Water Part 2

Paul Staehle has been a part of the 90 Day Fiance franchise for a long time. One can be sure that when Paul is on-screen there will be insect netting, awkward running, some sort of vest and poop water. Paul worries he could be denied residency in Brazil due to his criminal record. A very pregnant Karine is also worried. She doesn’t want to be left alone when she has their baby.

The couple go to the doctor for an ultra sound, Also, to find out if it’s safe for Karine to travel by boat back to her parents house. In case Paul does get the boot from Brazil. Everything seems good with the baby. And the doctor points out it’s a boy because she can see the penis. Then, Paul says penis about five times. What, it’s a penis? Is that a penis? Did you just say penis? Yes Paul, it’s a penis. You are having a boy. The doc also gives the boat trip back home a green light.

On 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way, a sweaty Paul pushed luggage onto the boat. Karine stands around rolling her eyes. He puts her in bed and immediately traps her in mosquito netting. He is taping up windows and pointing out bugs. Karine says she hates him and wants to kill him but has hopes that he will change once he becomes a father. Paul tries to shower but is appalled by the “poop water”. Some things never change.

It’s no Paradise by the Engabao Light for Corey – 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way

Corey Rathgeber has had it rough so far in Ecuador. He’s been living with girlfriend Evelin Villegas in her grandma’s house. He’s hot, tired and weary of mosquitos in spite of his dramatic malaria vaccine. Perhaps he should’ve hooked up with Paul to score some netting and duct tape. Evelin is annoyed with all his “complainants”. Today they will move to their new apartment. But first they must drive there in a beaten down car that barely runs and dodge wild pigs in the street.

Corey has given Evelin 40 thousand dollars to start a bar and get a place for them to live. He is upset that all the kitchen stuff is already ruined. Evelin says they will just have to go shopping again. Corey points out there is no hot water. Evelin points out that Engabao is her paradise. So he needs to stop. And fork over the money. He’s the man and that’s what he’s supposed to do. Maybe Corey and Paul can share stories one day when this one goes in the pooper. Till next time!

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