’90 Day Fiance’ Tell All Spoilers: Azan Tefou Dodges Questions – Cast Thinks He’s Stringing Nicole Along

90 Day Fiance Tell All spoilers show Azan Tefou dodging questions and Nicole Nafziger looking like she’s being played. The explosive conclusion to the Happily Ever After Tell All is coming up and there’s a lot of juicy details based on the latest teasers. Azan calls in from Morocco. But, it seems he is just as dodgy on the Tell All as he is with Nicole. Does he finally get exposed for using the American woman?

90 Day Fiance Spoilers: Azan Tefou Called Out on Live TV

90 Day Fiance Tell All spoilers reveal Azan being dodgy on live TV. He skates past host Shaun Robinson’s questions. And, this isn’t the first time Azan Tefou has used such a tactic. The host asks the Moroccan man why he canceled the Grenada trip at the last second. On Happily Ever After, Nicole Nafziger was looking forward to spending time with her love on the beach. She bought the tickets and was packing her bags when Azan Tefou called and bailed at the last second.

He didn’t give Nicole Nafziger a straight answer and it doesn’t look like he gives Shaun Robinson one either. Azan Tefou admits that his reasons are private. Due to this, he can’t say why he bailed on Nicole. This is likely to fuel the chatter that he is using the Florida woman for money. Even Russ Mayfield chips in and says he is using her.

Is Azan Tefou Using Nicole Nafziger?

When talking about this 90 Day Fiance pair, it’s impossible to avoid the chatter that Azan Tefou is using Nicole Nafziger for money. Whenever it’s time for the couple to see each other, it seems the foreign man always has en excuse lined up. Meanwhile, Nicole openly admitted to sending him money. This is in addition to paying for plane tickets and other travel expenses for the pair.

A few months back, someone claiming to know Azan Tefou’s family said online that they laugh at her and support Azan taking money from her. One of the interesting questions some fans have asked is why Azan seems to be wearing AirPods for the Tell All. If they are AirPods, they sell for $150-$200 depending on where you get them. Could this be a prime example of where Nicole Nafziger’s money is going?


Nicole Nafziger Still in Denial?

It seems 90 Day Fiance‘s Nicole Nafziger continues to opt for a glass half full approach. She is violently against the possibility that Azan could be using her. She is convinced the pair will live their happily ever after together and get married by the end of the year.

90 Day Fiance spoiler clips reveal that when other cast members at the Tell All warn her about being careful with her foreign love, she has none of it. Nicole admits that she believes in Azan and trusts him. For better or worse, it seems Nicole is sticking to her guns when it comes to how she feels about Azan. Be sure to catch the explosive 90 Day Fiance Tell All conclusion Sunday night at 8:00 only on TLC.

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