’90 Day Fiance’: Does Azan Tefou’s Family Laugh at Nicole Nafziger?

90 Day Fiance‘s Nicole Nafziger insists things are going well with Azan Tefou. She takes every chance on social media to say things are great for the couple. In a recent interview, Nicole said that she and her Moroccan fiance plan to marry within the year. But, an Instagram user claiming to be close to Azan’s family tells a different story. What’s the latest on this TLC tale?

90 Day Fiance: Does Azan Tefou’s Family Make Fun of Nicole?

A user on Insta claims to know Azan Tefou’s aunt. As of right now, it’s not confirmed if this person really has direct ties to Azan Tefou or his family. But, the social media user made some fiery claims. Moreover, the user let slip what his family allegedly thinks of Nicole Nafziger – and it’s not pretty.

In addition, the person said his aunt laughs at Nicole Nafziger. If the claims are true, it seems Azan’s family knows he’s not in love with her, allegedly. Moreover, the user claims that his family has no issue with Azan Tefou taking her money. Plus, the IG person says they will never let him marry her. These are all recent claims by someone with reported ties to the 90 Day Fiance guy’s family.

90 Day Fiance: Azan Tefou Instagram

90 Day Fiance: Azan Tefou Not Planning to Leave Morocco?

The IG user went on to say Azan Tefou isn’t interested in leaving Morocco. And, if he really wanted to leave, he already could have. The source reports that Nicole Nafziger’s fiance has family in countries including The Netherlands, Belgium, and Germany. The user says if he wanted to marry a woman in any of those countries, he could have already. Essentially, the person is saying Azan is by no means trapped in Morocco.

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Moreover, the Instagram user said Azan being unable to send money to Nicole from Morocco isn’t true. Interestingly, in a recent live interview with Nicole Nafziger, the topic came up. Nicole Nafziger is convinced Azan cannot send money out of Morocco. But, a user watching the live interview commented and said the claim is false. It’s worth reiterating that there’s no official way to verify the Instagrammer’s claims. However, they do bring to light some interesting questions about Azan’s intentions towards the 90 Day Fiance single mom.

Is Azan Scamming Nicole Nafziger?

Many 90 Day Fiance fans believe Azan Tefou is scamming Nicole and using her for money. On the other hand, Nicole chooses to look on the bright side. So, she puts a positive spin on everything. On Happily Ever After, Azan bailed on a trip to Grenada. This was after Nicole paid for the tickets. He opted out at the last minute, citing a family emergency. Nicole’s family was with her when she got the call. And, it looked like they believed he pulled a fast one on her.

In short, Nicole defended her love. Whether or not these accusations are true, it speaks to many 90 Day Fiance viewer suspicions about Azan. In the meantime, Nicole seems happy with where things are in her relationship and defends it regularly online. It’ll be interesting to see if the wedding ever comes to fruition. And, whether or not Azan leaves his home country of Morocco. Be sure to tune in to new episodes of Happily Ever After Sunday nights on TLC.

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