’90 Day Fiance’: Tania Begs for Money for Witch Doctor School

90 Day Fiance cast member Tania Maduro left Syngin Colchester for Costa Rica in the middle of his 90 days in America to become a witch doctor. Now, she wants other people to pick up the tab for the program (and calls it a charitable donation). What’s the scoop?

90 Day Fiance: Tania Maduro Jets to Costa Rica – Leaves Syngin Colchester Behind

Real life hit for Syngin Colchester and Tania Maduro quickly on 90 Day Fiance. After their quick trip to NYC, it was down to business for this pair. Tania Maduro made her fiance Syngin do all the work on the she-shed they’d be living in. And, it was very much her way or the highway when it came to how she wanted things done. It was a reality check for Syngin Colchester.

And, in the middle of all that, Tania Maduro revealed she was going to Costa Rica for a month and leaving him behind. Syngin told TLC cameras that he didn’t think either of them was ready for that time apart. Especially after spending such a short time together. Tania went on the trip in the end despite the 90 Day Fiance clock ticking.

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90 Day Fiance: Tania Bailed on Syngin Colchester – Friends and Family Foot the Bill?

Many 90 Day Fiance watchers want to know more about why Tania Maduro decided to leave Syngin so soon after his arrival in America. And, the reason may surprise some TLC watchers. Back in February, she asked her friends on Facebook to donate to a “charitable cause” for her birthday. It turns out that “cause” was to help her pay for her trip for “healing”.

According to Tania Maduro, the cost of this “herbal intensive” retreat was $2,488 plus airfare. She said this retreat would be a month-long. So, it lines up with the 30 days she would be away from Syngin Colchester on 90 Day Fiance. She justified asking her friends and family for money by saying she would bring what she learned “back to the community”.

But, now that this information is coming to the surface, many 90 Day Fiance followers are railing against her asking for money this way. It’s not clear how much money she got, nor how much she paid out of pocket. But, the fact that she asked for money to fund this endeavor has many viewers up in arms.

Money Problems for the TLC Couple?

Tania Maduro’s finances have been a topic of discussion among 90 Day Fiance viewers all season long. She stayed with Syngin Colchester in her mom’s shed to save money. But, many wonder how she managed to get the funding to sponsor Syngin in the first place. She clapped back on doubters and said she made union wages as a bartender. Yet, she asked for money for witch doctor school.

Many 90 Day Fiance followers are railing against Tania Maduro using a charitable cause to ask for money – as well as what she used the money on. This was supposed to be a time for Syngin Colchester and lover Tania to save money to build their lives together in America. Yet, she bailed on him during a crucial period in their 90 days and had other people foot the bill. This is rubbing a lot of watchers the wrong way.

With questions surrounding Tania’s financial situation, many wonder whether she got her mother to sponsor Syngin Colchester’s K1 visa. To get this visa, the American spouse must prove they can support their foreign 90 Day Fiance so they don’t become a burden on the government.

Meanwhile, Tania is living with her mother and siphoning free trips out of her followers when she and Syngin are supposed to be building their lives together. Certainly, there are a lot of unanswered questions when it comes to her finances. And, this latest tea doesn’t paint Tania Maduro in a very good light among followers.

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