’90 Day Fiance’: Steven Frend’s Wife Olga Shares Fun Facts About Son Alex – Guess Which One’s False?

90 Day Fiance star Olga Koshimbetova (Steven Frend‘s wife) recently shared a few facts about her son Alex Frend to her Instagram followers. And, that came with a recent picture of herself with little Alex . Then, she asked fans to pick out which one of the series of fun facts is false. Clearly, the reality star has a sense of humor. And of course, eagle-eyed 90 Day Fiance fans are not easy to trick. However, a striking take-away from the post is how big Alex is now. He’s out of the toddler stage. Steven Frend’s son is now a little boy.

90 Day Fiance: Olga Koshimbetova Frend Plays True Or False With Fans

We first met Olga Koshimbetova on Season 6 of 90 Day Fiance when she was very pregnant by her now-husband Steven Frend. Now, their K1 Visa process is complete. So, Olga’s living her best life with her husband Steven near where they met and fell in love. Fans have become very invested in her family adventures. So, when Olga posted a series of statements and asked fans to choose which one is false, her fans played along.

Most 90 Day Fiance diehards agree on some of the easier and better-publicized facts. We already know that Olga Koshimbetova was teaching Alex Frend to speak Russian in addition to English. And Steven shared his tattoo of Alex’s heartbeat on his own chest. And of course, the easiest fact to verify is that Alex was made in the USA and born in Russia. The TLC cameras were there filming Alex’s birth for his parents’ season of the hit TLC show.


The one that is NOT true is that Alex cried on the flight home. It was an 11 hour flight and the little tyke didn’t even cry once.

Olga & Husband Steven Frend Practice Co-Sleeping

90 Day Fiance parents Olga and Steven Frend allow their son Alex to sleep with them. This is known as co-sleeping. However many parents find this practice a bit controversial. Of course, it has its pros and cons. Certainly, it’s not suited for every child and or family. But it seems to work well for the Frend family. Certainly, it’s a way to create a strong parent-child bond. So, that tidbit is true.

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90 Day Fiance: Will Olga & Steven Frend Return To TLC?

Steven Frend and his now-wife Olga Koshimbetova were stand-outs from their season on 90 Day Fiance. However, they have not officially been approached to return to the popular franchise. This, of course, is a surprise to fans. However, Olga says they powers that be at for the TLC show have touched base with the couple. However, nothing has been arranged for the family of three to film. But, Olga says they are definitely open to returning but if not it’s no big deal. She, Alex Frend and Steven are just enjoying their time together in the USA as a family.

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