’90 Day Fiance’: Steven Frend Blames Eating Habits for Moody Behavior – Posts Shocking Before and After Pics

90 Day Fiance‘s Steven Frend took to social media to address something that fans have been talking about from the beginning. Months after the first episode of Season 6 aired, many people are still talking about Steven’s perceived treatment of Olga on the show. Sources told Soap Dirt that cast members will sometimes be fed lines to say and asked to repeat them again and again. What fans see as Steven treating Olga poorly may have more to do with selective editing than it does the state of their off-camera relationship.

Steven Frend recently took to Instagram to reveal what was behind his “moody” behavior.

90 Day Fiance News: Steven Frend Reveals Reason for Behavior

In a recent Instagram post, Steven Frend acknowledged that he was a “moody guy.” He went on to say how little he was eating at the time, citing this as a reason for his behavior. It seems he learned how much eating habits influence mood thanks to 90 Day Fiance Olga Koshimbetova. He revealed that it was thanks to one of Olga’s captures of him on camera that he realized something was wrong and in need of change.

90 Day Fiance Steven Frend wrote: “I could see my rib outline from my back. At the moment, I realized it’s time for a big change in my lifestyle habits (slowly still realizing).” It looks like it took that moment to make him see how his eating habits were affecting his life and his family. Steven revealed further that he is taking up calisthenics and that he will post workout videos documenting his progress.

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90 Day Fiance: Steven’s Recent Injury in Russia

Olga’s crafty camera may not be the only thing behind Steven Frend’s recent commitment to make lifestyle changes. Not long ago while in Russia, Steven suffered a neck injury while tobogganing out on the slopes. In a live video that captured the incident, 90 Day Fiance star Steven commented that he almost broke his neck. The accident resulted in a small spinal displacement injury to his neck. He had to wear a brace around his neck for a time.

Based on Steven’s recent IG posts, he doesn’t have the neck brace on anymore. It certainly looks like he recovered from his injury. It’s possible that both 90 Day Fiance Olga and his recent accident are responsible for his latest revelation. He also said in his IG post that he went from 145 pounds to his current weight of 156 pounds. Certainly, it looks like putting on a bit of extra weight is the first step to strengthening his body – as well as a way to fix his behavior.


90 Day Fiance: Steven and Olga Now

Interestingly, Steven’s last IG post lists him as being back in Maryland. It’s unclear at this time if Olga and baby Alex are with him in America. Steven Frend also revealed his plans to bring his family stateside. He even said that money saved was for his college fund, but is now being put toward immigration and travel expenses.

A lot of comments on his IG ask if his family is with him. Everything seems to point to things being in a good place for Steven and Olga. Perhaps his lifestyle changes will further improve their relationship moving forward. In the meantime, fans are eager to find out when the whole family will be together in the United States.

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