’90 Day Fiance’ Spoilers: Julia Trubkina Threatens to Leave Brandon – Return to Russia

90 Day Fiance spoilers tell us Julia Trubkina wants to head back to Russia because she says Brandon Gibbs isn’t doing enough to provide for her. After trying to talk to him about how sick she is of his family, he doesn’t listen to her. So, she plans to leave the United States.

90 Day Fiance Spoilers: Julia Trubkina Angry

TLC star Julia Trubkina says she told her father how she feels. And now she knows that she needs to talk to her 90 Day Fiance Brandon. She says that they need to move off the farm now. Clearly, she’s not enjoying being in the remote area and keeping farm wife hours.

Julia says she tried living with Brandon’s parents. And that she’s doing her best to help. But, nothing’s working. She rants about everything she hates about her life. And Julia Trubkina says that she’s tired of not having a kitchen where she can cook. Also, she’s tired of being alone all the time. Remember, she’s stuck alone while the others work outside the home.

On 90 Day Fiance, she’s tired of creeping into Brandon’s bedroom to get some loving. Also, Julia Trubkina says that sneaking into Brandon’s room makes her feel like a baby. And Julia says that she’s done with the situation. So, it looks like Julia wants to pack her bags and go back to Russia, hint 90 Day Fiance spoilers.

90 Day Fiance: Julia Trubkina

A Rough Phone Call for TLC Pair

Julia Trubkina calls 90 Day Fiance love Brandon. She says that she knows that he’s working, but she needs to talk to him right now. So, he picks up the call and Julia asks him if he can hear her. Then, she says that she doesn’t want to live with his parents anymore. And she says that she doesn’t want to take care of animals every day.

Also, she says that she doesn’t want to take care of all “what happens here.” And 90 Day Fiance‘s Julia says that she “hates this place.” But, Brandon gets upset and starts yelling at her, asking why she’s saying all this. Then, that triggers Julia to also raise her voice. And she tells Brandon that he knows why she hates living there. There’s lots of drama with these two.

90 Day Fiance: Julia Trubkina - Brandon Gibbs

90 Day Fiance: Julia Trubkina Fights with Fiance

Reality celeb Julia Trubkina continues to yell at her 90 Day Fiance. She says that she’s dirty and that she looks like a “pig.” Brandon asks her what’s making her upset. Then, she repeats that she doesn’t want to keep living at his parent’s house. And she wants to leave the farm — and maybe America — right now.

90 Day Fiance future husband Brandon tries to push the conversation off for “later” when he isn’t at work. Then, Julia says that she feels like she’s made a mistake. Next, she says that she isn’t seeing what she wants to see. Also, Brandon accuses his fiancee of having a phobia of animals. But, she says that she hasn’t come to the United States to clean animals.

Julia Trubkina says that if Brandon doesn’t fix this problem, she’s going to go back to Russia. Watch TLC this Sunday to see if Julia packs her bags or not.

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