’90 Day Fiance’ Spoilers: Elizabeth Potthast’s Dad Confronts Andrei About Work on ‘Happily Ever After’

90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After spoilers show Elizabeth Potthast‘s father (Chuck Potthast) confronting Andrei Castravet about his work situation. This has been a point of contention for a long time on the TLC show. Andrei doesn’t want Elizabeth Potthast’s family butting into their business. This is the case even when her father paid their rent. Does Andrei finally have a source of income?

90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After – Elizabeth Potthast’s Dad Confronts Andrei Castravet

90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After spoilers reveal Chuck Potthast sitting down with his son-in-law to talk about the state of his finances. Chuck wants to know whether or not Andrei Castravet has “irons in the fire”. At this point in the current season of the TLC show, Elizabeth Potthast just gave birth to their new baby. As a father himself, Chuck Potthast is concerned about the extra mouth to feed.

Andrei Castravet responds in his usual fashion on 90 Day Fiance. He says he has things going on and it’s no one’s business what he is doing. Andrei maintains that everyone should butt out of their lives. That being said, it’s clear Andrei has no idea just how much Elizabeth Potthast let slip to her father about the state of their finances. Even so, Andrei responds in a stubborn manner and dodges the questions.

Happily Ever After – Does Andrei Castravet Have a Job?

One of the questions 90 Day Fiance fans ask is whether or not the Moldovan man has a job. When Chuck Potthast asks him point-blank, Andrei says he has gigs lined up as a handyman. He doesn’t say it with much conviction, and Elizabeth Potthast’s kin seems to pick up on that. Many 90 Day Fiance followers accuse the foreign man of being lazy.

But, it looks like the 90 Day Fiance pair have their own business. They started a business called Castravet Properties LLC shortly after their baby was born. Added to this, it’s in the same field as her father’s business. Elizabeth Potthast spent a lot of time working for her father’s company. And, it seems she is putting that to use now with this new venture. Starting a business like this can require investment to get off the ground, though. Did her dad finance the initial costs?

90 Day Fiance: Are They Throwing Shade at Her Father?

It’s no secret Andrei Castravet needed a stable source of income to support his family. Initially, they lived off Elizabeth’s salary from working for her father. But, did they start their new company to throw shade at her father? Given that their company mirrors her father’s real estate business, it’s definitely possible. There’s also the fact that Elizabeth worked for her father. So, she knows all the ins and outs as far as how the business works.

Andrei Castravet has always been at odds with his wife’s family. Did he convince her to defect and directly compete with her father? This is all speculation, but, it provides plenty of fodder for 90 Day Fiance viewers to pick apart. At the very least, it looks like the Moldovan man finally has an income. And, if they’re successful, they’ll be able to support their family without her father’s help down the line.

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