’90 Day Fiance’: Ricky Reyes in Mental Health Facility – Past Misdeeds to Blame?

90 Day Fiance Ricky Reyes recently checked himself into a mental health facility. When news of this broke, many viewers feared that something happened to him. It turns out Ricky checked himself in voluntarily after not feeling great mentally. Did his past choices lead to a mental breakdown? What’s the latest?

90 Day Fiance News: Ricky Reyes Taking Care of Mental Health

Ricky Reyes checked himself into a facility with limited phone access. He did provide 90 Day Fiance fans with a brief update via his Instagram story. Ricky wrote: “Sorry for those that are trying to DM me , I cannot at the moment please understand .” In addition, he thanked all his fans and followers for their support during this difficult time. He promised that he’s “really listening” to fans.

While there, it seems Ricky Reyes only has access to his phone three times a day. This certainly accounts for the limited updates. It looks like the facility will release him on March 10 so it’s a short stay. Hopefully, the 90 Day Fiance star will be able to answer more questions following his release.

90 Day Fiance: Outpouring of Support from Fellow Cast Members & Viewers

There’s been an outpouring of support for Ricky Reyes from fellow 90 Day Fiance cast members and viewers. Many applaud him for being pro-active in taking charge of his mental health. Ashley Martson wrote that she’s “BEYOND PROUD” of Ricky for making “SUCH A BRAVE AND RESPONSIBLE DECISION”. Larissa Christina wished him a “quick recovery”.

The sentiment was also shared among 90 Day Fiance fans. One fan wrote: “Mad Props for going to get help when you needed it!” Many are also thanking Ricky for bringing awareness to the importance of mental health.

90 Day Fiance Before the 90 Days: Ricky Reyes Instagram

Ricky Reyes’ Troubled Past

On the other side of the mental health coin, some 90 Day Fiance viewers seem to suspect that his past misdeeds may be to blame for this recent crisis. Perhaps all the lying and scheming caught up with him – leading to a breakdown. Ricky Reyes took heat for his on-camera and off-camera shenanigans. Specifically, what he did to Ximena Parra. He lied to her on the show, and lied about being married.

In addition, he plotted with 90 Day Fiance producers to garner more episodes. More screen time means more cash. Ricky Reyes even used the TLC show as a vehicle to promote his production/film business. What’s more, an inside source told Soap Dirt Ricky and his wife Natalia plotted from the beginning at Ximena’s expense – all for fame and money.

What makes it worse in many fans’ eyes is the fact that all this was done knowing it would devastate Ximena once everything came to light. It’s certainly possible that all this (and more) finally caught up with Ricky.

Major Life Changes for Ricky

Ricky Reyes has been transforming his life in more ways than one since his time in front of the 90 Day Fiance cameras. He issued a public apology to his wife Natalia and Ximena Parra. He seems to genuinely want to make amends for his decision-making in the past and set things right with those he wronged. Still, everyone isn’t buying the remorse act.

He also spent some quality time with his daughter at the movies. He posted on IG teasing a very special date. Then, in an IG video, he revealed that the special lady was his daughter. There were rumors that Ricky was seeing fellow 90 Day Fiance cast member Cortney Reardanz. So, when fans found out he was out with his daughter, many were pleasantly surprised.

Ricky has also been living a much healthier lifestyle. He regularly posts updates on IG of him working out at the gym and eating cleaner. Looking at before and after pics, he lost a significant amount of weight since filming his season of the TLC show.

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