’90 Day Fiance’: Rachel Bear and Jon Walters Lash Out at Doubters Over Lucy’s Paternity

On 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days, Jon Walters stepped up as the de facto father of Rachel Bear‘s daughter Lucy Bear, but there are lingering suspicions that he might be her biological father. Now, Jon and Rachel are speaking out against their accusers. The pair is known for fighting with show fans on Reddit and social media, so this is no surprise.

There are some gaps in Jon and Rachel’s timeline that has fans questioning their integrity. Rachel insists there is no way Jon Walters is the father but unless they go get a DNA test or produce another guy to confirm that he’s Lucy Bear’s biological father, the doubts will persist.

90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days – Jon Walters, Rachel Bear in Denial

The followers are all over their Instagram posts explaining all the ways that they feel like Lucy looks like Jon. Jon and Rachel both commented on the post to let fans know their thoughts. Lucy does have big brown eyes just like Jon, but so does Rachel. So that’s not an indictment, but it’s a question.

There are enough doubts for 90 Day fans to wonder whether Lucy Bear is Jon Walter’s daughter and they just aren’t telling anyone. If the couple is lying, it would be to make the show’s storyline more interesting to viewers. If Jon is the father it would probably ruin the perfect fairytale of Jon stepping up and taking care of a daughter that isn’t his. Inside sources with the show have told Soap Dirt how the producers like to modify storylines.

Jon Walters replied to one fan saying, “Just you and a million other people who like pointing out something which is impossible. She looks like Rachel. Huge brown eyes.” Rachel also replied, “Good grief… Has this conspiracy not been put to rest yet? She’s got big brown eyes like me… Jesus Christ… Let it go.”


Who is the 90 Day Fiance star’s baby daddy?

So far, Jon and Rachel haven’t shared who the father of Lucy really is, but in their eyes it is Jon. He has stepped up and taken over the role. A woman claiming to be the baby’s grandmother did speak out. When she did, there was nothing nice that she had to say about Rachel Bear. She feels like the 90 Day Fiance star basically pushed her son, who she claims is the baby’s real father, out of her life.

This alleged grandma isn’t happy that Rachel Bear met up with a guy she met on a karaoke application. The thing is she and her fiance Jon seem to get along great. The grandma is talking, but she isn’t saying who the father is or who she is just yet. Later on, they may decide to reveal all. Then again, this granny might not be the real deal. One thing is clear – Rachel has woven a web around her she’s not keen to unravel.


Rachel and Jon’s 90 Day Fiance timeline

There is some odd stuff going on with Rachel and Jon’s timeline. The couple says that there is no way that he is Lucy’s dad, but there is proof they met long before they are admitting. They even had a GoFundMe account going so that they could meet each other the first time. The couple actually got engaged way before when fans saw in the UK. Later, Rachel Bear insisted they only had an online engagement before the moment at the castle we saw on the show.

Their shared Instagram “Follow Our Fairy Tale” is all about their love story. Fans noticed Rachel and Jon removed things from this page after the 90 Day Fiance casting. This altered their timeline and story retroactively. Regardless of what is true about Rachel and Jon, they have a contract with TLC and they can only share what is allowed.

The couple does get pretty mad anytime someone says something that contradicts the agenda and image that the couple wants to project. Jon Walters routinely blocks people that don’t agree with their vision. Rachel Bear wants to portray their entire relationship as this perfect fairytale. But life’s messy and maybe she should rage at fans less and just relax.

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