’90 Day Fiance’: Paul Staehle Shows off Baby Pierre’s Haircut

90 Day Fiance celeb Paul Staehle and his little boy, Pierre, have something in common today as both sport a neatly cropped haircut. Up until now, fans commented on baby Pierre’s long hair. As the tot’s hair grew it became a bit wild-looking at times. But it appears as if Paul Staehle and his 90 Day Fiance’s wife tamed that adorable little head of hair with a haircut.

90 Day Fiance: Baby Pierre And One More On The Way

Pierre Staehle is about to become a big brother with Karine and Paul expecting their second child. The 90 Day Fiance controversial star revealed another son is on the way. According to Paul, Pierre will be a big brother to a baby boy.

The toddler, who will turn 2-years-old in March, looks like a very active child. So, Paul and his wife Karine will probably have their hands full with a newborn baby just as their first child moves into the age range of the terrible twos.

90 Day Fiance: Baby Pierre

Playtime Red Flags?

Ever since Pierre’s little hands could pick up things, he’s been seen with some controversial objects in his hands, like a hair clump. As an infant, he played with a clump of hair, which looked like a bunch of hair extensions.

But 90 Day Fiance fans warned Paul Staehle of the possible choking hazards at the time. This tot certainly owns plenty of toys, so he’s not lacking appropriate playthings.  Paul’s video clips over the last year offer evidence of an abundance of toys around their home.

The latest household item to become a plaything for Pierre… Christmas lights. In the photo below, the toddler wraps the lights around him as his dad’s feet seem to indicate he’s laying down on the couch capturing this moment. But behind the 90 Day Fiance tot, there seems to be plenty of toys.

90 Day Fiance: Baby Pierre

Paul Staehle Swimming Lessons

Right now, Paul, Karine, and Baby Pierre call Brazil their home. This 90 Day Fiance little family occupies a small apartment. But the size of their home didn’t stop Paul from installing an inside pool, complete with filter and all in their kitchen.

This pool, which sat filled with water also contained a bunch of floating toys. The scene would surely look enticing to any toddler and that’s what fans feared. Again, clips of the family demonstrated just what an active little boy this is. Fans worried about him falling into that pool when no one was looking.

Pierre is at the age where parents usually child-proof the house. But instead, this family’s home has a pool full of water and toys sat in the kitchen. Right before the toddler got that haircut, he took a river cruise with his mom and dad. The photo below shows Pierre with longer hair.

90 Day Fiance: Staehle's Baby Pierre

90 Day Fiance: Family River Cruise

This 90 Day Fiance family trio cruised down a river in Brazil over the weekend. This trip looked unlike those luxurious cruises you see on TV, the accommodations were like those of a picnic. A big open room contained hammocks swinging from the ceiling. People camped out in those make-shift beds with their coolers and bags of food.

Karine seemed to have a bed in the corner of the room, where she stayed in a reclining position as Pierre climbed around her. Paul took his camera all around the ship to give his 90 Day Fiance followers a look at the vessel.

Fans honed in on the passengers, as no one wore a mask. In some places on that boat people sat elbow to elbow. But today’s buzz is over Pierre’s new haircut as people think it makes the little boy look older than he did a few days ago.

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