’90 Day Fiance’: Paul Gives Karine Jolt of American Culture at DMV – ‘The Other Way’

90 Day Fiance: The Other Way star Paul Staehle leads Karine Martins into a DMV where the new mom can really get a feel for American culture. Paul and Karine, with baby Pierre Staehle in tow, heading into the driver’s license offices where inside they were small mass of people recognized the local celebrities. The pics soon appeared on social media sites.

The filming of the 90 Day Fiance season is over. But as far as The Other Way goes for Paul Staehle, well it looks reversed today.

90 Day Fiance: The Other Way – Paul Staehle Makes the Rounds in America with Karine Martins

The Other Way started out with Paul Staehle willing to settle down in Brazil, Karine’s native country. However, as Soap Dirt was first to report, Paul brought Karine and his baby son Pierre to the U.S. to live in Kentucky.

90 Day Fiance: Paul Staehl - Karine Martins - The Other Way

The Other Way: A Round-Trip Instead of One-Way

It looks like Paul’s original dream of bringing Karine Martins back home with him to Kentucky panned out. Karine Martins and baby Pierre will get to learn the ropes of living in America from Papa Paul. After only a few weeks in the US Karine visits a few places that everyday people frequent.

Some folks might say Paul couldn’t do a better job at showing Karine Martins the true inner workings of the United States. This 90 Day Fiance celeb didn’t take his wife for a stroll down Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills. Or anyplace close to it. It seems one of their first outings brought them to Walmart. While at Walmart, fans of the show spotted The Other Way couple and began snapping pictures.

90 Day Fiance: Paul, Karine, and Baby Pierre Hit the Local DMV

Now as they make their moves around town, other 90 Day Fiance viewers spotted the couple at the local DMV. If you want to give a foreigner a jolt of American culture then Walmart and the DMV should do it. The Walmart shopping experience is very American, as is the DMV.

The DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles) is where Americans get their driver’s licenses.  You often hear the jokes about all the red tape and even impatient customers in a good frustrating DMV story.

So it looks like Paul Staehle got a jump on the Americanization of Karine Martins this week. While at the DMV, Paul and Karine were surrounded by a small mob of people taking pictures. According to one witness, no one was asking for selfies, they were just sticking cameras in their faces. This wasn’t limited to civilians. Even employees were pulling out the camera phones to get a picture of the 90 Day Fiance couple.

The same witness told Soap Dirt she heard Paul asking for a state issued photo ID for Karine because she needed another form of ID other than her Brazilian passport. she’s getting a realistic look at what Americans go through both in a superstore and at the local branch of a DMV.

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