’90 Day Fiance’: Paul Chases Karine in Brazil – At Risk of Losing Son

90 Day Fiance‘s Paul Staehle is reportedly in Brazil chasing down wife Karine Martins and their son Pierre Staehle. This duo’s been on the rocks a few times throughout the course of their relationship. But, will this be the final nail in the coffin for the pair? Now, it looks like Paul could lose his son Pierre if she stays in Brazil. Here’s the latest.

90 Day Fiance: Paul Staehle Chasing Karine Up Amazon River

Paul Staehle updated followers on what’s going on between him and Karine Martins. And, based on what he revealed, things look bad. He said he’d chase Karine Martins up the Amazon to try to convince his young wife to live in America with their child Pierre Staehle. Then, Paul added she doesn’t have to come back to him. Paul says he just wants the “best possible life” for Pierre.

Interestingly, he began his post by saying he’s temporarily off Cameo while he tries to resolve this. Already, Karine Martins said she’s looking for a lawyer. Now, fans wonder why he brought up the Cameos first. Many followers think Paul Staehle’s marriage issues should take priority over their 90 Day Fiance Cameo status. But, this might be their primary source of income…

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90 Day Fiance: Is Karine Martins Finally Done with Paul?

This isn’t the first time divorce chatter’s sparked for Karine Martins and husband Paul Staehle. And some followers question whether they’re really done. Yet, this latest post from Paul Staehle comes on the heels of a recent break-in at their apartment. Thieves grabbed their valuables including Karine Martins’ extensive stuffed animal collection along with baby things.

Interestingly, 90 Day Fiance dad Paul Staehle said they wouldn’t set up a new GoFundMe page over the incident. But he seems to hope fans will find their old one and donate there. Paul ended his post saying he’ll return to work soon. Meanwhile, he said he hopes this situation resolves amicably. But if they don’t work it out, Paul might be cut off from his boy Pierre Staehle.

In addition, Paul Staehle recently posted on their two-year anniversary. However, there was a bad omen back then. Because, Karine took off her wedding ring, Paul put it on his own finger – and shared an image on Instagram wearing both. But, he reportedly lost her ring while filming for TLC – a production source told us. So, she no longer had it on her finger. That’s never a good thing.

Is This The End of the Line for Karine and Paul?

Recently, Staehle posted a pic of the 90 Day Fiance family on an American Airlines flight to Brazil. You can see above where they look like they’re traveling as a family and seem happy. Now, it seems once they touched down in her home country, Karine took off with the baby and ran back to her family.

A source close to the 90 Day Fiance couple confirms that Karine Martins will not return to the US. Our source told us exclusively that Karine’s determined to remain in Brazil and keep Pierre Martins with her – and both of them away from Paul Staehle. Now, it seems he must travel upriver to try and reconcile, but things do not look good.

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