’90 Day Fiance’: Nicole Nafziger Caught Working at Starbucks Again?

90 Day Fiance celeb Nicole Nafziger may be back at her old job based on the latest from Azan Tefou’s girlfriend. Many TLC watchers wonder how the young mom makes ends meet – especially since she hasn’t filmed new episodes for the network in some time.

90 Day Fiance: Nicole Nafziger Back at Her Old Gig?

90 Day Fiance viewers keeping up with her know Nicole Nafziger worked at a local Starbucks in Florida. Even though she and Azan Tefou are among the more recognizable pairs from the TLC franchise, cast members don’t get paid much per episode. So, that’s not something stars can bank on in terms of a full-time income.

90 Day Fiance celebs typically use the network exposure to branch out into other things like shout-out videos for fans. And a recent clip from Nicole suggests she’s back at her old Starbucks job. In a recent video for a fan, she’s decked out in a Santa hat and an apron – with Christmas lights around her neck.

This could be a good thing as Starbucks, as an employer, offers excellent benefits and above average insurance. As a single mother, these are things Nicole probably looks for in a job.

90 Day Fiance: Nicole Nafziger

90 Day Fiance: Proof That Nicole is Back at Starbucks Again?

Meanwhile, there are some telling signs that Nicole Nafziger works at Starbucks again. The first thing worth noting is the location that Azan Tefou’s girlfriend filmed the shout-out video. From the looks of it, it seems she is in the back of an establishment – possibly a break room. And you can see what appears to be a schedule behind her.

Nicole Nafziger first shared pics working at Starbucks back in 2017. And it could be she got her old job back since she isn’t currently filming 90 Day Fiance episodes for the network. Certainly, it’s a way for her to support herself and her daughter – and maybe even fund another trip to Morocco to see Azan.

Moreover, the apron she wears in the recent clip is telling. Nicole Nafziger is careful not to reveal the logo on it. But it looks strikingly similar to the typical aprons Starbucks employees wear during the holiday season. Nicole also put time in at her mother’s quilt shop. But it seems she went back to being a barista. You can see a comparison below.

90 Day Fiance: Nicole Nafziger

Azan Tefou’s Girlfriend Busy Since Coming Back from Morocco

Nicole Nafziger was in the hot seat with 90 Day Fiance fans after she flew to Morocco to see Azan Tefou during the pandemic’s early stages. What was initially supposed to be a short trip turned into a five-month stay. And a lot of watchers were livid Nicole was away from her daughter, May, that long.

Since returning to America, it seems to be business as usual for the 90 Day Fiance mother. And because she isn’t filming for TLC, she found other ways to occupy her time. And one of those things seems to be working her old job at the popular coffee chain.

On top of that, she seems to have found a potential new career path streaming games online. Many 90 Day Fiance stars find creative ways to make extra bucks following their time on television. Some stars sell products or film their own content. And in Nicole’s case, she seems to have made her passion for gaming into her latest business venture.

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