’90 Day Fiance’: Azan Tefou Breaks Silence – No Mention of Nicole Nafziger

90 Day Fiance alum Azan Tefou recently made some comments after months of staying out of the limelight. The fiance of Nicole Nafziger broke his silence by releasing a some pictures that showcased his new larger buff body. But not everyone believed Azan was the one who actually released the photos.

Some think Nicole was behind it and his supposed return.

90 Day Fiance: Azan Tefou Gets Really Buff

Earlier this week, Azan Tefou showed off his new body looking better than ever. The 90 Day Fiance veteran has been keeping a low profile — a far cry from his fiancee Nicole Nafziger.

Azan revealed pictures showcasing his bulging biceps. There was also short video of the 90 Day Fiance star working out at the gym. Nicole’s fiance flexed his big guns while doing some weightlifting. Another showed his toned biceps in a mirror selfie.

90 Day Fiance: Azan Tefou

Azan Makes No Mention of Nicole Nafziger

Azan Tefou releasing the images came as a surprise to his followers. It seems Azan is back to spending most of his time at the gym, which he wasn’t able to do much while Nicole was still in Morocco.

However, fans noticed that Azan is only showing off pictures of himself and doesn’t even mention his future wife at all. One 90 Day Fiance fan said his only focus at the moment is his “gym lifestyle,” showing no signs of interest in his love life. Azan Tefou has always been quiet about his romance with Nicole. This often leads to speculations that he’s not that into her as much as she’s into him.

90 Day Fiance Spoilers: Azan Tefou - Nicole Nafziger

90 Day Fiance Fans Doubt It’s Him – Think It’s Nicole

Meanwhile, not everyone is convinced that Azan Tefou was the one who released the images. Some think that the 90 Day Fiance star’s account is ran by none other than Nicole Nafziger. They think that Azan’s pictures and videos were posted by Nicole. Some even called Nicole “delusional” and “desperate” to make it look like everything’s fine between them.

This is not the first time Nicole Nafziger has been accused of operating her fiance’s social account. She has denied such claims. She said if she’s pretending to be Azan Tefou, she would be “posting more and commenting” on her own posts. That does make sense. It was Nicole running her account, then there would be more about her.

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