’90 Day Fiance’ Natalie’s Fairytale Turns Into a Nightmare – Recap

On 90 Day Fiance Natalie Mordovtseva hoped for a fairytale wedding in the wood but got the boot from Mike Younquist when he called it off. Stephanie Davison seeks psychic approval to move forward with cousin Harris. Zied Hakimi wants a quickie wedding but Rebecca Parrott isn’t happy. Yara Zaya and Jovi Dufren head to Vegas to marry but she just wants to go home to Ukraine. And Amira Lollyosa has doubts about Andrew Kenton being a good father. Give yourself a healthy pour of your very favorite wine and lets muddle through season 8 episode 14 Into Your Arms in this recap.

Natalie Has to Leave America on 90 Day Fiance

Things are finally happening with Natalie Mordovtseva and Mike Youngquist. Mike put the ring back on her finger and the two will marry outside by the pond in a few short days. Natalie calls her mom to tell her that due to the pandemic restrictions, she can’t be at the wedding. Natalie cries but her mom understands. The Ukraine has closed the borders. Natalie admits it’s hard for her in the wood. But at least she is finally getting married.

The night before the wedding Mike grills salmon patties for his 90 Day Fiance. They both seem happy and Mike even gives Natalie a lap dance calling himself “big Magic Mike”. Natalie talks to her friend Svetlana. She wishes she could have a big fairytale wedding. But hey she’s just happy to get married period. Even if her wedding party includes Uncle Beau and neighbor Tamara as maid-of honor.

The pre-wedding bliss is short lived. It seems Mike just couldn’t go through with it. So Natalie is crying and hysterical as she cancels the officiant. She flings her clothes into a suitcase and demands Tamara to fill her car with petrol so she can get the hell out of there. The producers ask her where she will go since Ukraine is closed. She says somewhere in Europe or anywhere but where Mike is because he obviously doesn’t love her. Oh well maybe Uncle Beau can move back in now.

Stephanie Doesn’t Want Baby Mama Drama

Stephanie Davison needs comforted after her now ex 90 Day Fiance Ryan Harris did a magic trick in the bedroom by making a condom disappear. To the rescue is her back up booty call cousin Harris. Stephanie wants Harris to arrange something special for them. Especially after Ryan’s mom has been messaging her business back in Michigan. “Block ’em, just block ’em” Stephanie barks at her staff.

Stephanie changes for her date with Harris. She puts her hair in two long ratty pigtails and sprays half a can of Aqua Net to hold them in place in case of a tropical storm. She teeters out on a dock to where Harris has arranged a surprise lunch. Stephanie sees her favorite wine on ice and demands that Harris “pour that puppy to the brim”. And no nonsense either. She isn’t going to smell it or spin it. Of course she meant the wine I think.

On 90 Day Fiance Harris professes his undying love for Stephanie and desire to move to the US with her leaving behind 3 children and a baby mama who he’s off and on with. But now off. Stephanie calls up her psychic friend Maria to be sure Harris is legit. Harris sweats bullets and Maria gives him a pass because he has kind eyes. Harris breathes a sigh of relief and makes a mental note to stock up on some more of that wine.

Rebecca Scolds Zied Over Lost Ring on 90 Day Fiance

Rebecca Parrott finally has furniture in her place at the Second Chance Lofts. It’s a good thing because Georgia is on lockdown and sitting on the floor for days on end might get a tad old. Rebecca isn’t happy. Zied Hakimi is pushing for a quickie courthouse wedding before Ramadan. Rebecca is miserable. She doesn’t want to rush wedding plans and accuses Zied of only being a strict Muslim one month of the year. And she’s lost her engagement ring to boot.

On 90 Day Fiance Rebecca searches everywhere for the ring. Zied plays video games while she pulls up couch cushions. She finds some loose change and an old toothpick that may or may not have been used by her ex from Morocco. Zied plays video games and is not bothered by the lost ring. Rebecca scolds him and threatens to take the games away for the evening. She gives up and goes to visit her daughter Tiffany.

Tiffany doesn’t have a good feeling about the rushed pre-Ramadan wedding. She points out her mom’s track record with these kind of things. Rebecca is also upset that her dress doesn’t fit and Zied suggested they wear jeans. She does have a place secured at the camp grounds where she and Zied had a getaway recently. But Rebecca feels like she’s on a runaway train going 90 miles an hour. But for now she’s hanging on for dear life.

Yara Wants To Go Home After Jovi Screws Up Again

On 90 Day Fiance we pick up with Jovi Dufren in Bourbon Street limbo up in the champagne room of the strip club. That murky time where you either go home and try to crawl into bed unnoticed. Or blow it all the way out till the morning and grab a bloody mary in a to-go cup and Uber straight to the airport. Jovi chooses the go home option and of course Yara Zaya is still up and staring at the digital clock that now reads 1:26 AM.

She tells him to pack but he really wants to sleep. He lays next her and she demands he take his jeans off that he had on in the bar. Maybe she doesn’t want the residual stripper glitter from the lap dance getting onto the bed sheets. She wants him to pack so he throws the jeans, one sock and a t shirt into a duffel and crashes on the bed. In the morning they head to the airport in darkness.

Yara doesn’t want to speak to her 90 Day Fiance Jovi. She doesn’t want him to touch her or even breathe the same air as her. Jovi’s buddy who treated him to the lap dance calls with the news that the airport bar opens at 5:30 AM. Jovi dreams of a stiff drink while Yara admits to production that she wants to go back to the Ukraine. She’s tired of Jovi forgetting she exists after a few shots. And tells him to leave her alone as she heads to security.

Amira Questions Whether Andrew Would Be A Good Dad on 90 Day Fiance

Amira Lollysa has another 9 days in quarantine in Serbia before she can fly to the US to be with Andrew Kenton. She’s not enjoying the isolation and the unrest in the streets. There also is no room service due to the pandemic so she is forced to walk the streets looking for an open restaurant while being taunted with Serbian catcalls. I mean come on production can’t you score this girl a sandwich?

To make matters worse her 90 Day Fiance Andrew Kenton hasn’t really been in touch. He claims he’s busy with the daycare he runs with his mom. Of course he is. Hey it’s time consuming to dress up as a knight and eat graham crackers and juice with cranky toddlers. He tells her it will be like a vacation. Just like when he got stuck at the Mexican resort while she was detained by immigration. Although without the bottomless pina coladas and nightly limbo contests.

Amira and Andrew FaceTime and he tells her when she arrives they can do all sorts of fun things like camping and reproducing. Amira isn’t so sure that Andrew is ready for parental responsibility. And points out that bringing a child into a rocky relationship isn’t the best idea. Andrew uses this as a reason to sulk to his mom about how she called him a meanie. Of course mother Andrew has his back. Later it seems Amira may not have chosen to fly to America. Did she or didn’t she?

Tarik Gets Schooled By His Best Friend

On 90 Day Fiance, Tarik Myers and Hazel Cagalitan are finding out that three is sometimes a crowd. While Hazel is down for some third party action, it has to be on her terms. She isn’t happy that Tarik can’t seem to quit Minty. Or that he is dressed in a shirt that looks like a jigsaw puzzle of Thailand. The couple head out for lunch with Tarik’s best gal pal Angela. Hazel is obviously upset and Angela wants to know why.

Hazel spills the tea about Minty and that another girl has been calling Tarik. He immediately goes on the defense that it’s just an old friend. But Angela’s no dummy and knows Tarik’s tricks. She tells him this foolishness has to stop and that Hazel has every right to be upset. Tarik decides to make up for it with a second proposal complete with candles rose petals and chocolate covered strawberries. And to put the ball fully in Hazel’s court when picking the third string. Till next time!

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