’90 Day Fiance’: Jovi Wants His Single Life to Go Out With a Bang – Recap

On 90 Day Fiance Jovi Dufren makes it rain on Bourbon street just hours before he’s scheduled to hop a flight to Las Vegas to marry Yara Zaya. Rebecca Parrott serves Zied Hakimi hot chicken with a side of attitude. Amira Lollysa continues her world tour at the urging of Andrew Kenton. Hazel Cagalitan still detects a hint of Minty on Tarik Myer’s mind. And Natalie Mordovtseva finally gets her ring back but will it stick this time? Let’s break it all down in this recap of season 8 episode 13 Forgive But Never Forget.

New Jovi wins Points With Yara on 90 Day Fiance

Jovi Dufren’s days as a single party animal are numbered. He is headed to Las Vegas to marry his pregnant 90 Day Fiance Yara Zaya in just days. Things have improved for the couple as they head towards their wedding day. Yara is starting to relax and even enjoy New Orleans. Jovi is staying home with her and she feels much better. She is happy that “old Jovi” has gone away so a new kinder, gentler Jovi could show up.

Even Yara is softening a bit. She heads to shop for a wedding dress with Jovi’s mom. Who makes no secret of the fact that she is not happy about being left out of this wedding. Yara wants a sexy white dress and finds the perfect one. Mom Gwen agrees it’s “Vegas-Y” and gets a little sad. She says someone is “finally marrying her kid” and she wants to be there dammit. Yara relents and tells her she can come after all but not before reminding her future MIL that it’s not about her.

Jovi  Makes It Rain The Night Before His Wedding

Later on 90 Day Fiance, Yara slips and falls and is a little shaken but basically ok. Jovi gets a call reminding him that it’s his bachelor party and he needs to get there ASAP. He explains to his buddy on speaker phone that Yara had taken a fall earlier in the day. His friend isn’t too concerned about her fall. But is concerned that Jovi get his butt down to Bourbon Street for some pre-wedding debauchery.

Yara tells Jovi to keep his drinking to a minimum and be home in a couple hours. Jovi and pals start the evening with some strong drinks and ultimately want to hit up the strip joint. They joke around that Jovi could find the strip club blindfolded. And one grossly suggests he could smell it. Jovi admits he frequented the nudie bar 6 to 7 nights a week till the wee hours. Dude. That’s extreme even for the biggest tools out there.

When they get to the door his buddy Kline bails. He’s got a girl and a baby at home and he’s not going to partake in this boozy, glittery bad decision. But Jovi summons up “old Jovi” from the dusty depths of his drunk soul. And before you know it Jovi is making it rain on the endless parade of strippers. His 90 Day Fiance Yara calls but he’s too busy to answer. And then his friend buys him some private time in the champagne room with one of the dancers. Risky business indeed.

Rebecca Stands Her Ground on 90 Day Fiance

Rebecca Parrott is back to reality as a chicken boss after a get away with her 90 Day Fiance Zied Hakimi. Zied shows up to hang out around the back of the restaurant where Rebecca has promised him a hot lunch. She also has a bone to pick with him and it’s not in the chicken. Rebecca thinks Zied is cherry-picking his religion and cultural rules to suit himself. He wants to rush their wedding so they can do it before Ramadan in a few weeks. Or else they can’t cohabitate.

Rebecca points out the many times they did just that. But Zied points out Ramadan is a whole different ball game. She suggests he move in with her daughter Tiffany and her boyfriend Micah. Zied seems mortified by this since they have made it clear they don’t really like him. Rebecca refuses to rush the wedding and questions Zied’s true motives. Zied suggests maybe he will go back to Tunisia. Rebecca heads back inside and Zied goes off alone with his sack of hot chicken.

Amira Makes It To Serbia

Amira Lollysa has agreed to her 90 Day Fiance Andrew Kenton’s latest folly to get her to America. She would rather take the safer option of applying to extend her visa. But Andrew has a way of making her feel guilty so she commits to operation Serbia. Amira sobs on the way to the airport. She’s basically giving up her studies, her country and her family. Amira makes it to Serbia and out of the airport unscathed.

Now she just has to hole up in a hotel room for two weeks alone in a hotel room in a strange country. She FaceTimes Andrew and he cheeses and tells her she’s brave. Amira is immediately annoyed with the fact that Andrew is completely tone deaf as to how he’s sent her off into another potentially risky situation while he basically risks nothing. So she made it this far but will these two make it in the end? We shall see.

Hazel Doesn’t Trust Tarik on 90 Day Fiance

Hazel Cagalitan is relying on good old-fashioned intuition when it comes to Tarik Myers. She wants a third party in the relationship but not one she feels threatened by. She senses that Tarik still carries a torch for their former gal pal Minty. And he gets awfully defensive when she brings it up. Minty checks all the boxes for Tarik. And Hazel isn’t too happy that he kept on texting her after they kicked her out of their bed.

Later on 90 Day Fiance Tarik heads out with his best friend to pick a tux for the wedding. He goes with white and baby blue. At least he had the sense to shy away from shades of minty green. He confesses to his buddy about his convo with Minty. He gets wise advice from him that he needs to cut ties with Minty ASAP. Like delete her number and full on forget she exists kind of stuff. Tarik agrees but will he really be able to cut ties with Minty?

Natalie Moves Forward With Wedding Plans Without Mike

Things haven’t been too smooth for 90 Day Fiance couple Natalie Mordovtseva and Mike Youngquist since she arrived in America. But tonight the pair are actually getting along and joking around as they prepare for a surprise party for Mike’s former roommate and style icon Uncle Beau. He’s turning the big 5-0 and so it’s time to let him back on the property to celebrate with their one lone neighbor.

Later Mike reveals that he is exhausted. The pandemic looms and so do Natalie’s nagging and demands. Now time is running out on her visa so it’s time to sink or swim. Natalie decides to take matters into her own hands and at least buy a dress. She sets her laptop up so her mom can join in via video chat. Natalie is vague with everyone on the time, location and date of the wedding because Mike is still on the fence. She likes a dress but it’s too expensive considering the wedding may not happen.

On 90 Day Fiance, Mike decides to just go ahead and give the ring back to his pouty fiancé. Natalie is thrilled but brings up that time in Kiev when she threw it back at him. She wants forgiveness. But big Mike isn’t giving it. And now says she ruined his passive aggressive second proposal. Mike says that Natalie nitpicks and he just wants her to be happy. Natalie demands a kiss and the scene ends with Mike tossing her on the bed while they laugh. Good times. For now anyway.

Brandon And Julia Clash Over Their Wedding Plans On 90 Day Fiance

Julia Trubkina is thrilled to be checking out the church for her upcoming wedding to Brandon Gibbs. In Russia it’s tradition to marry in the church. Brandon’s parents introduce them to the minister Ken and the lady in charge of weddings. The wedding coordinator explains the separate seating areas for bride’s family and groom’s family. And Betty goes full on Debbie Downer to remind everyone that Julia’s family can’t be there.

Then the subject of the wedding date comes up and it’s May 9th. Which is actually the day before Mother’s Day and not even the actual day. But Betty brings it up and dad Ron fumes. And wedding church lady buys into the foolishness saying that could make for a hectic weekend on 90 Day Fiance. Is it me or why is this an issue? Can’t you get married on Saturday and throw back a mimosa with mom the next day?

Things go from bad to worse when Brandon doesn’t remember the significance of the date. He rubs his chin and says it’s her favorite number. When it actually was the day of their first message. Later he goes full on jerk by saying he doesn’t want any of this corny wedding crap and he’s only doing it to make her happy. Julia cries and says she doesn’t think he even wants it anymore. And Brandon doesn’t seem too sure that he really does.

Stephanie Moves On With Cousin Harris

Stephanie Davison was furious after Ryan Carr played bait and switch with glow in the dark condoms. She called her psychic, lashed out and arranged for a back up booty call with his cousin Harris. Now Harris is there in the flesh after a long journey by bus and boat. Stephanie knocks back wine and tells him that he saved the day. And assures him that this isn’t revenge sex. But better yet the chance to fill Ryan’s spot on the K-1 visa as her 90 Day Fiance.

After calling him Ryan for the second time, she suggests she’d often thought of bringing Harris to the states. Harris is no dummy and says he’s game. In spite of the fact that he has a baby mama and children. Stephanie is curious as to why he keeps getting back together with the mother of his children. He says it’s just something you do when you have kids. You take care of their well being.

Stephanie doesn’t seem to sympathetic and again suggests Ryan come to America. He says that he knows Americans are all rich with big homes, cats and plenty of time for hula hooping. So he thinks he could make a better life for himself and his kids by going along with this game. Stephanie needs a little help wobbling back inside and Harris is happy to lend a hand among other things to this cougar in distress. Till next time!

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