’90 Day Fiance’: Molly Hopkins Sexy Weight-Loss Pic Stumps the Trolls

90 Day Fiance star Molly Hopkins showed off her weight loss in skimpy lingerie. The TLC alum looks so good that even the trolls ran out of things to say. Molly isn’t slowing down after her divorce from much younger husband Luis Mendez. At 43, Molly never looked better and you can bet her ex noticed her hot revenge bod. She recently showed off all her hard work at losing weight in a sexy nightie picture online.

By now Molly probably realizes that no matter how good you look or how well you do in life, there’s a troll waiting in the wings. 90 Day Fiance stars learn the hard way that tough skin is needed once you appear on this show.

90 Day Fiance – Molly Hopkins Weight Loss

Not only does Molly have that tough skin, but she’s also showing a lot of it in her latest Instagram post. Much like her fellow 90 Day Fiance stars of both past and present, Molly has quite a few followers. And much like her fellow stars, she has her fair share of trolls.

When Molly posted this latest picture fans hopped online to complement how good she looks. Even the trolls were stumped with things to say. As soon as a troll popped up, Molly’s followers pushed them back down. They countered with praise of how sexy she makes her lingerie look.

90 Day Fiance: Molly Hopkins

Chasing Trolls Away

The many compliments included – “you look amazing! Rock on mama!! Another fan wrote, “you’re on fire girl.” Followed by “Girl you look so great!!!” One fan after another had encouraging words for the 90 Day Fiance alum.

Still, the trolls tried to have their say. One suggested Molly Hopkins resembled Roseanne Barr in the picture. But people jumped to her defense. Molly has come a long way and her die-hard followers recognize this. While some past 90 Day Fiance stars tried to keep the limelight going with drama and selfies, Molly Hopkins got down to work.

Molly Turns 15 Minutes of Fame Into Business

Molly’s hard work paid off as new reports claim she owns a “thriving business.” This is just one more thing for the trolls to attack through their jealousy.

The new venture LiviRae Lingerie, which she launched after her 90 Day Fiance ordeal, really paid off for Molly. Here’s a woman who took the lemons left over from her 90 Day Fiance gig and moved on to one big lemonade stand in life.

Green Card to Greener Pastures

Molly’s marriage to Luis didn’t last long. While it was a rough time for her, Molly Hopkins calls it as she sees it. Luis got remarried not long after the two divorced. Molly said at the time this was proof to her that Luis used her for a green card.

That’s all in the past for Molly and the only green she has in her sights today is the money from her skyrocketing sales. Molly recently lost 40-pounds but from the look of her latest post, she may have lost more than that.

Size Doesn’t Matter

Size didn’t seem to matter to Molly as she modeled her own lingerie when she was 40 pounds heavier. Today she’s a smaller version of her old self but either way, she looked sexy.

Along with a booming business, Molly gave women of all sizes a reason to feel sexy. She posed in her skimpy creations both in the past and the present. And again, she looked fabulous no matter what the scale said at the time.

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