’90 Day Fiance’ Exclusive: Mike and Natalie Married in Washington

90 Day Fiance’s Mike Youngquist married Natalie Mordovtseva in Washington, Soap Dirt can exclusively confirm. We already reported that Natalie moved from Russia to be with Mike on her K-1 visa. And now, they’re married, and TLC cameras were rolling for all of it. Here are the details.

Natalie Mordovtseva & Mike Youngquist at War on 90 Day Fiance

Although things looked bitter on the last season of TLC’s 90 Day Fiance with Mike Youngquist and Natalie Mordovtseva, they reconciled. On the show, Natalie Mordovtseva said she didn’t love Mike Youngquist. That came after a season of arguments and failure to see eye-to-eye. On the Tell-All, she implied he cheated.

So, in the end, Mike Youngquist left Russia without Natalie Mordovtseva. Then, she appeared on the Tell-All on a screen. Among their many issues were that Natalie wanted a baby right away, and Mike pushed back on that. Plus, 90 Day Fiance showed them differing on religion.

Natalie Mordovtseva is devout and intense about her faith. Meanwhile, Mike Youngquist seems to think visitors from space might be a higher power. That spawned a legion of memes and his nickname “Mike the Alien”. It looked bad for them as the season closed on 90 Day Fiance.

90 Day Fiance: Mike Youngquist - Natalie Mordovtseva

Natalie Follows Mike Back to the US – TLC Cameras Follow

Next, we reported 90 Day Fiance‘s Natalie Mordovtseva’s arrival in America. Mike Youngquist met her at Seattle’s SEA-TAC airport with a camera crew. Then, Mike showed Natalie some of Seattle’s top spots, including famed Pike’s Place Market, before heading to his farm.

Bystanders grabbed pics of Mike with Natalie and sent them to Frauded by TLC. Next, Natalie traveled with Mike two hours North to Sequim (pronounced Skwim), to settle in for her life as a 90 Day Fiance. That was back in mid-January. Add three months, and Natalie’s K-1 expires mid-April.

Now, Mike Youngquist is married to Natalie Mordovtseva, so she’s on a path to get a green card. The big question is whether their wedding will feature on a new season – or on Happily Ever After. The latter seems more likely.

90 Day Fiance: Mike Youngquist - Natalie Mordovtseva

90 Day Fiance: Mike Youngquist & Natalie Mordovtseva Marriage Confirmed

This Sunday, an official wedding announcement published. It confirmed Mike wed Natalie, along with their ages and where they live. We will follow this up with more details on their wedding location, date, and venue. Interestingly, they published this despite their reality show NDA.

Sharp Entertainment, the company that makes 90 Day Fiance, is notoriously strict. So, their non-disclosure agreement includes harsh terms and financial penalties for leaking. Then again, plenty of their cast members leak anyway. A news announcement, however, is much more blatant.

We’ll update you soon with details. Like did they marry in a church? And whether they had extra-terrestrial guests.  After all, Washington state ranks highest for UFO sightings. So, congratulations to Natalie Mordovtseva and Mike Youngquist.

Stay tuned to Soap Dirt for more info on this and other 90 Day Fiance news.