’90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After : Mike Storms Out On His Birthday Sushi – Recap

On 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After, Mike Youngquist walks out on Natalie Mordovtseva when she accuses him of getting nudes from a friend. Tiffany Franco thinks about divorce after Ronald Smith chooses his bike over her and the kids. Angela Deem gets ready to go under the knife even after breaking all the rules. And Asuelu Pulaa says he’s changed but Kalani Faagata isn’t completely sold. Pop the champagne and grab some sushi while we see how season 6 episode 2 Indecent Proposal rolled out.

Mike Gets a Booby Prize on 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After

It’s Mike Youngquist’s birthday and his wife Natalie Mordovtseva wants to celebrate. The couple are holed up at a nice hotel in Seattle enjoying some alone time. Natalie gets his favorite sushi and a bottle of champagne to surprise him with in the hotel lobby. Mike is really happy when he sees what she has planned for him. Natalie says Mike has been better now that he’s wearing the 3 dollar ring she bought him at the crystal shop.

Natalie even sips on champagne. Pretty bold for a woman who was terrified that there was beer in her root beer. Next up maybe she’ll even butter a piece of bread. But that’s probably a stretch. Not even bubbly and spicy tuna roll seem to break the ice with these two. In spite of being married on 90 Fiance: Happily Ever After, their conversation is awkward and forced. It feels more like a blind date than a couple of newlyweds noshing on raw fish.

Natalie is restless. It’s been too long since she’s insulted Mike or accused him of being a meat eating, drunken Neanderthal. She says she’s dying of boredom in Sequim and would like to visit his former hometown of Reno, Nevada. She asks if his friends there will like her. Mike explains she can come off a little harsh. And she says maybe his pals shouldn’t send boob pics then. Mike tells her to stop speaking and goes upstairs to grab his duffel and head back home leaving Natalie in the lobby.

Tiffany and Ronald Are Both Holding Something Back

Tiffany Franco and Ronald Smith are back in 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After. Things are rocky for the couple. It seems they haven’t been physically together in 8 months. Tiffany is back home in Maryland with the kids Daniel and Carley. And Ronald is in his native South Africa. She’s getting frustrated with the distance as well as having to do all the child rearing herself. As well as working to support them since Ronald is unemployed right now.

Her frustration leads her to talk to an attorney. Where she admits she’s been thinking about a divorce. Ronald doesn’t know this though. He is excited that Tiffany and the kids are planning to come for a visit. And jumps on his on his motorcycle to buy a stuffed elephant for Carley. He fondly remembers the night they met when he held a fart in for an entire car ride in order to not blow it (pun intended) with his future wife.

On 90 Day Fiance, Tiffany leaves the lawyer’s office uncertain. But she does cancel the trip and the plane tickets. And later tells Ronald via video chat. Ronald tells her she’s spiteful. He claims it’s hard to get work there and the value of the currency is low. But she reminds him that he spent quite a bit to fix his bike. And hasn’t bothered to send so much as a pack of diapers her way. Tiffany tells him if he wants them to come he needs to buy the tickets. And cuts the convo short after that.

Angela Wants To Play Doctor With Her Surgeon on 90 Day Fiance

Angela Deem is laying out her jewelry in her LA hotel room. The Georgia meemaw is in la la land for a gastric sleeve procedure. She calls up hubby Michael Ilesanmi for some moral support. But he’s not down with her going under the knife. Or changing up her ginormous ta-ta’s. But Angela isn’t budging. She’s ready to get the weight off and get her groove back. She’s having some trouble sticking to the pre-surgery rules though.

At her pre-surgery consultation on 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After, she forgets about the pack of Marlboro Reds and Bic lighter shoved in her bra. She’s not supposed to be smoking period. Her surgeon Dr. Kashani reads her the surgeon general riot act.  His assistant and patient coordinator Natasha looks on in a mix of amusement and disgust. Natasha is dressed like a she-villain out of an Austin Powers movie. But hey it’s Hollywood.

There is one thing that hadn’t occurred to Angela when she signed up for the surgery. And that’s what to do about the excess skin after the weight loss. The doc sends her over to his partner, Dr. Oberg who can do the fine tuning. Angela can’t believe her eyes because this doctor not only looks like Michael but shares his name as well. Angela can’t contain her excitement when the handsome doc “medically fondles” her breasts. Take it easy meemaw your a married woman.

Asuelu Turns Over a New Leaf

On 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After, Kalani Faagata and Asuelu Pulaa hit up a crepe joint. Kalani helps him order a breakfast style crepe and grabs some crayons and paper to busy him at the table. Asuelu loves his cheesy egg crepe, so Kalani drops the bomb about her sister Kolini coming to stay. He actually says he’d like to prepare a party and a feast to welcome his sis-in- law into the fold.

Kalani is skeptical of all this because the last time they were all together it didn’t end well. But he swears he’s a changed man. And that the new and improved Asuelu wants to do right by her and her family. He even cries a little and says he’s done a “freshment” of his personality. Kalani isn’t sure if she believes this or not. And admits he’s used crying in the past as a means of manipulation. But when that happens she usually just gives him some juice and Cheerios till he snaps out of it.

Julia Doesn’t Want To Leave Las Vegas on 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After

Julia Trubkina is loving life on the Vegas strip far away from the sound of goats and the smell of pigs back on the farm. Her and hubby Brandon Gibbs enjoy some day drinking and picture snapping by the pool. But the newlywed’s fun is interrupted by a call from Brandon’s mom Betty. It seems a letter came for Julia from Immigration Services. After already steaming it open with the vapors from the naked therapy hot tub, Betty asks for permission to open it.

“Of course open it!” Brandon yells into the phone on 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After. It seems that Julia’s green card interview is scheduled for when they return from Vegas. Julia gets nervous. What if things don’t go well and she has to return to Russia. Brandon decides they should just order another round of Long Island Iced Teas and worry about it later. Julia says ok but it’s kind of a buzzkill.

Later on at dinner, Julia reminds Brandon how happy she is to be in Las Vegas. And again suggests they move there. She’d like to try her hand at wedding planning or design. Brandon is quick to crap in her cornflakes by suggesting her English is awful. And she shouldn’t ruin someone’s big day with her lack of language skills. He also says that Richmond is as close to the bright lights big city life that he can offer right now. Lofty words from a professional bug killer.

Libby Breaks Down At The Family Business Meeting

Elizabeth Castravet applies makeup to head over to her sister Becky’s house. Her dad has called a family meeting to discuss whether Libby’s husband Andrei Castravet is fit for the family business. Libby promises to defend her husband on 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After. She arrives and it’s time to make the case for Andrei in front of the family Potthast. It’s kind of like  a Dollar General version of The Godfather but with sushi instead of spaghetti. And Charlie Potthast instead of Michael Corleone.

Chuck starts the shenanigans by telling the story of Andrei asking for a loan by imitating his voice. This infuriates Libby who demands he stop. Everybody reels at the story and starts bashing Andrei. Chuck takes his time getting to the point that he did not give him the loan. But rather suggested he come on board and learn the ropes first. The sisters agree they will give him a chance after getting a few digs in.

Charlie goes off and says eff him. Libby storms out with Becky following her. Charlie’s wife who resembles a mannequin yells out that she works hard too and startles everyone. Outside Becky comforts Libby and Chuck tries to restore order. Everyone runs outside and Charlie does a quick aside about Andrei being from a poor communist country so he should be used to crumbs. Chuck and Libby hug it out and she goes home to tell Andrei he’s in if he can squash the beef with Charlie.

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