’90 Day Fiance’: Michael Jessen Blasts TLC, Paola Mayfield and Sharp

90 Day Fiance‘s Michael Jessen went on an Instagram live rant after last night’s episode and blasted Sharp Entertainment, TLC, and even Paola Mayfield. The video briefly featured his now-wife Juliana Custodio as well. Take a look at what went down.

90 Day Fiance: Michael Jessen Calls Out TLC/Sharp For “Manufactured Bullsh*t”

Michael Jessen said the last few episodes were “difficult” and accused production of “taking liberties”. The editing on the prenuptial agreement episode of 90 Day Fiance prompted him to address fans directly via video.

Michael began by saying he needed to “call a little bit of bullsh*t”. Then he said how they were shown on 90 Day Fiance didn’t reflect reality because TLC “cut out the kindness we share” between him, Juliana, and also his ex-wife Sarah Jessen.

Then, Michael Jessen mentioned his 90 Day Fiance NDA (non disclosure agreement). Michael said he didn’t care about it because “I have a lot of lawyers”. He said the show portrayed them with “harshness” and “it isn’t what we signed up for”.

Next, Michael said “you have no idea” what you get when “you signup for a f***ing g*d-d*mn reality show”.

Michael Blasts TLC Over Pre-Nuptial Episode

After seeing the 90 Day Fiance episode, it’s easy to see what angered Michael Jessen. Because, the show made it look like Michael took advantage of poor, clueless Juliana. In addition to his video, he posted a screenshot (see above) of the prenuptial mediator.

The surprising thing about the 90 Day Fiance episode, is that Michael could have simply had a lawyer draw up a strong prenuptial agreement and have Juliana sign it. But instead, he went to a mediator, which will result in him not getting the best deal for himself, but a fair deal for Juliana. Despite the edit given him, at no time did he say he wanted an agreement that wouldn’t take care of Juliana.

Michael Jessen said “shame on you Sharp Entertainment and TLC,” and called it the “biggest bunch of manufactured” BS. He said that production “controls the narrative for the sake of ratings”. At one point on 90 Day Fiance, Juliana bawled and he seemed insensitive.

Juliana’s husband also said it’s “distorted” and “misrepresents who they are”. And Michael said this all “affects their lives”. Also, he promised once their 90 Day Fiance non-disclosure term expires, “there’s a lot we can say” but said they have to “play ball now”.

90 Day Fiance: Michael Jessen

Angry 90 Day Fiance Star Blasts Paola Mayfield Too

But, Michael Jessen wasn’t just upset at the production company and network. He also called out Paola Mayfield. He called her “that Paola Mayfair woman” as he clearly didn’t know her name. Michael’s issues with Paola sprang from comments she made about him on 90 Day Fiance Pillow Talk.

Michael Jessen said he saw the Pillow Talk promo and said she pulled a face at their pre-nush scene. Then, he said Paola commented “Oh, he only thinks of himself”. Then, he said that was “like a knife in my heart” because 90 Day Fiance “distorts the reality of who they are”. It’s ironic that Paola would rely on the show’s editing, having experienced the process herself. Friends of Michael, have said that he is one of the most generous and caring people they know.

In the end, it sure seems like Sharp/TLC gave the Jessen family a harsh and misleading edit. Longtime watchers know this is business as usual for reality shows. But, Michael said this is how production “wants to shape this”.

Before closing his video, Michael thanked fans and seemed to calm down after he vented. Stay tuned to TLC for more with Juliana and Michael Jessen to see if the network continues a narrative the couple says is inaccurate.

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