’90 Day Fiance’: Larissa Slams Colt & Debbie at Tell-All

90 Day Fiance‘s Larissa Dos Santos Lima attacks Colt Johnson and Debbie Johnson in Happily Ever After Tell-All spoilers. The gloves come off during the reunion show. And, Jess Caroline gets in on the action, too.

90 Day Fiance Spoilers: Jess Caroline Gives Colt Johnson the Cold Shoulder

90 Day Fiance spoilers for the Happily Ever After Tell-All show Jess Caroline gives Colt Johnson the silent treatment. Jess tells Colt to “shut up” when he greets her. So, things get off to a rocky start during this segment of the virtual reunion show. Meanwhile, Larissa Dos Santos Lima is there with Eric Nichols, too.

Jess Caroline says in 90 Day Fiance spoilers that she doesn’t want to talk to ex-boyfriend, Colt Johnson. Because, all he does is “lie, lie, lie”—according to her. Meanwhile, Jess adds that she will talk to Debbie Johnson only.

But, Jess Caroline fires shots at Debbie Johnson, too. She says Colt’s mother looks like a “devil” and a “demon” in her red outfit. And, that comment amuses Larissa Dos Santos Lima—Colt’s other ex.

90 Day Fiance: Jess Caroline - Colt Johnson - Larissa Dos Santos Lima - Happily Ever After

90 Day Fiance: Debbie Johnson Fires Back – Defends Her Son

90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After Tell-All spoilers say Debbie Johnson fires back with some ammunition of her own. Debbie says she is glad her son dumped Jess Caroline. And, that she’d pick Larissa Dos Santos Lima over Jess “a thousand times.”

Larissa and Debbie got into some heated arguments while still married to Colt Johnson on 90 Day Fiance. So, the fact that Debbie would choose her over Jess is telling. Especially because Larissa agrees with Jess that Debbie is a “devil” in her red attire.

Meanwhile, Debbie Johnson insinuates that Jess and Larissa conspire as part of a “club” to “kill” her son’s relationships. And, both Brazilian women laugh at this. Larissa calls Debbie a “bit**.” And, Jess Caroline adds that thanks to Debbie sabotaging their relationship, she is “happy” now.

Larissa Dos Santos Lima Goes Off on Debbie & Her Ex

Even though Colt Johnson and Jess ending things is the latest 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After storyline to talk about, there’s more going on for this group. Turns out, this upcoming Tell-All is the first time Colt speaks to his ex-wife since the last reunion taping. So, there’s definitely a lot to unpack there based on spoiler clips.

Even though Larissa Dos Santos Lima’s HEA storyline doesn’t intersect with Colt’s this season on the TLC spinoff, the pair have a dramatic history as a former couple. And, that’s something host Shaun Robinson touches on during this virtual meeting between the former husband and wife.

Colt Johnson says in 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After spoilers that he wouldn’t recognize his former spouse because of all the plastic surgery she did. Meanwhile, Larissa Dos Santos Lima fires back. She says she would recognize Colt because he is “fatter than ever.” Certainly, it’s possible Colt uses this as added motivation to work on his revenge body.

90 Day Fiance Tell-All spoilers show tense moments as verbal jabs and insults fly. There’s a lot of drama heading into this segment of the reunion show—especially with the history for all involved. And, it’s clear there’s plenty of bad blood to go around.

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