’90 Day Fiance’ Tell-All: Colt Attacked Over Cheating – Jess and Larissa Tag Team Him

90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After Tell-All spoilers reveal Colt Johnson gets it from all sides during the TLC wrap-up show. He denies cheating on Jess Caroline. Meanwhile, Larissa Dos Santos Lima spills some tea on Colt’s alleged behavior during their time as a couple as well.

90 Day Fiance spoilers: Colt Johnson Tag-Teamed By Angry Exes?

90 Day Fiance watchers see Colt Johnson and Jess Caroline call it quits in recent episodes. There were a number of red flags for Jess in that relationship. She didn’t like Colt’s close relationship with his mother, Debbie Johnson. Meanwhile, Colt moved his “friend”, Vanessa Guerra, into his home. And, the pair were intimate in the past.

90 Day Fiance spoilers for the Happily Ever After Tell-All reveal the topic of Colt Johnson cheating on Jess Caroline comes up. Colt denies being unfaithful to Jess during their time together. But, things come to the surface during the TLC wrap-up segment that may suggest otherwise. Meanwhile, both of his exes come at him in 90 Day Fiance spoilers.

90 Day Fiance: Colt Johnson - Happily Ever After

90 Day Fiance: Larissa Dos Santos Lima Put Tracker on Coltee’s Phone

Someone with first-hand knowledge of Colt Johnson’s behavior is Larissa Dos Santos Lima. Prior to calling it quits after three domestic violence arrests, Larissa lived with her ex-husband and his mother in their Las Vegas home. And, she had something to say about his behavior when the virtual Tell-All filmed.

According to Larissa Dos Santos Lima, she put a GPS tracker on her ex-husband’s phone when they were together. And, she claims she saw a text from “someone” on the night of her last arrest while they were still a couple. Larissa claims the text said “I’m done”. And, that the sender was “tired of waiting” – presumably for Colt Johnson.

Meanwhile, even though Larissa Dos Santos Lima doesn’t mention any names in Tell-All spoilers for 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After, her claims suggest he may have a pattern of being unfaithful in relationships. And, his exes come at him from all sides.

90 Day Fiance: Jess Caroline - Colt Johnson - Larissa Dos Santos Lima - Happily Ever After

Colt & Vanessa Guerra in the Hot Seat with Host Shaun Robinson

This season on 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After, Colt is in the dog house with Jess Caroline over talking to other women. He lied to her about the nature of his relationship with Vanessa Guerra. Meanwhile, he kept things from her like moving Vanessa into his home.

On top of that, Jess Caroline found text messages from at least eight different women when Colt Johnson and Jess were already having issues in their relationship. So, even though a lot of these claims against Colt are alleged, between what Larissa Dos Santos Lima and Jess Caroline say, there may be a case against the former software engineer. It’s possible his exes are bitter. And, that they still have a bone to pick with him, too.

At one point in 90 Day Fiance spoilers for the Tell-All, host Shaun Robinson asks Colt Johnson if he and Vanessa Guerra slept together while he was still with Jess Caroline. The pair don’t answer in teasers. And, TLC leaves watchers with a major cliffhanger heading into the reunion show.

Since filming wrapped, Larissa Dos Santos Lima moved to Colorado with Eric Nichols. And, Jess Caroline walked down the aisle with musician, Brian Hanvey. Meanwhile, Colt slimmed down during quarantine and got closer with Vanessa – she is the one behind the camera of his recent risqué social media photos. And, they held hands out and about – further fueling the relationship rumors. Still, even though everyone moved on with their lives, Tell-All spoilers tease some juicy details come to the surface.

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