90 Day Fiance: Jonathan Buys Alcohol for Underage Fernanda – Fights ‘Child Bride’ Talk

90 Day Fiance star Jonathan Rivera faces two controversies. One is about him buying alcohol for his underage wife Fernanda Flores. The second are child bride accusations for marrying a teenager.

The handsome North Carolina realtor tried to stop the endless accusations that he started dating Fernanda when she was underage before he made her his 90 Day Fiance. The alcohol issue, though, seems to be documented in photographs.

90 Day Fiance: Jonathan Rivera Denies Fernanda Flores Was Child Bride

Shots were fired during 90 Day Fiance Tell All, particularly between Jonathan Rivera and Colt Johnson. Fans witnessed a heated exchange between the two as they defended their wives, Fernanda Flores and Larissa Christina.

Things have been intense for the two couples lately, especially with their war of words on social media (and face to face at the Tell All). So when Colt and Larissa got the chance to fire back, they made sure to hit where it hurts the most.

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Colt Johnson Calls Out Jonathan for Buying a Bride

During the 90 Day Fiance Tell All segment, Colt bluntly accused Jonathan of “paying for a 16-year-old bride”. Then at one point, the 33-year-old software engineer implied that he groomed Fernanda to be his wife.

Colt called him pathetic and alleged Fernanda was 16 when they met. He said Jonathan was “buying her breasts, paying for her car, her college, her apartment.” Of course, that echoes Jonathan’s own words to Fernanda Flores during an argument on the TLC show.

However, he vehemently denies Colt’s claims about her age. The 90 Day Fiance says that Fernanda was not a “child bride” and that they met when she was already of legal age. But it’s not just Colt Johnson that thinks the timeline for the pair is sketchy.

Jonathan Does The Math For Skeptics

To further prove his point, Jonathan Rivera took it upon himself to “do the math” for all the skeptics about Fernanda Flores’ age when he proposed. The 90 Day Fiance star gave specific details, such as his wife’s birthday and the day he popped the question.

In a now-deleted post, Jonathan claims that he knew Fernanda on August 4, 2016. He adds that her birthday is April 8, 1998, making her 18 years old when they met. The reality star also noted that he proposed to his Mexican wife on December 30, 2016, just four months after meeting her.

The 90 Day Fiance even used the hashtag #whenyoudothemathright. Many think it’s a subtle jab at Colt Johnson who accused him of dating an underage girl.

90 Day Fiance: Jonathan And Fernanda Face Backlash Over Underage Drinking

While some were supportive of Jonathan Rivera’s May-December romance with Fernanda Flores, others were less accepting. After their age gap was brought up on 90 Day Fiance Tell All,  people became more curious about their relationship.

Just recently, Fernanda faced criticism after sharing a photo of herself holding a glass of beer. At that time, Fernanda was around 19-20 years old. The photo was from a trip she and Jonathan took to Universal Studios.

She posted a photo of herself holding a beer – and given the theme park’s aggressive ID-check policy, her husband (or someone) likely bought her the alcohol. Even if she didn’t drink it, simply holding it in her hand is against the law.

90 Day Fiance - Fernanda Flores

Jonathan And Fernanda’s Age Gap Still An Issue?

Now that Jonathan Rivera and Fernanda Flores’ marriage is on the rocks, many wonder if their age gap has something to do with their current status. The 90 Day Fiance couple faced a lot of challenges before their wedding, some related to their age difference.

Since Jonathan is significantly older than Fernanda, a lot of people thought their relationship wouldn’t last. In one of the 90 Day Fiance episodes, Jonathan’s mom, CeCi, even advised them to “hold off” the wedding. Given their recent breakup, she might have been right.

Fernanda Flores Dad on Board With Teen Relationship

Interestingly, Fernanda’s family, particularly her father, seems more welcoming of her relationship with Jonathan. Despite that Jonathan Rivera is almost the same age as her dad, her father seems to approve. See the bonus 90 Day Fiance scene that didn’t air above.

Understandably, age was an issue at first but things got better when the three of them spent some quality time together in a ranch. Unfortunately, it seems like Jonathan and Fernanda have yet to reconcile and show no signs of doing so anytime soon.

Fans of the couple will have to wait and see if they will be able to save their marriage. Jonathan said on his Instagram he’s not interested in taking her back. Do you think Jonathan Rivera and Fernanda Flores can fix their issues and get back together soon?

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