’90 Day Fiance’: Fernanda Blames Jonathan Rivera For Split

90 Day Fiance star Fernanda Flores is blaming realtor hubby Jonathan Rivera for their marriage being over. But she says she won’t let it get the best of her. The 20-year-old Mexican beauty recently returned to social media after taking a short break from all the drama. Now that she’s back, the TLC reality star sent a message that she’s moving on.

90 Day Fiance: Fernanda Flores Says She’s Living Her Life to Its Fullest

Earlier this month, Fernanda Flores took a brief Instagram hiatus following her breakup with Jonathan Rivera. Upon her return last week, the 90 Day Fiance star shared gorgeous photos of herself, seemingly showing everyone that she’s moving on from her failed marriage.

Currently in Chicago, Fernanda is trying to project a positive outlook amid her controversial break-up with Jonathan Rivera. By the looks of it, the reality star is trying to live her best life. Fernanda seems to be pursuing her modeling career and launched a YouTube channel dedicated to fashion and cosmetics.

Fernanda Speaks Out About Jonathan Rivera Split

As Fernanda Flores returns to social media, many are hoping that she will finally address her split from Jonathan Rivera. The 90 Day Fiance has yet to officially say what happened despite Jonathan’s confirmation. Her husband said she bailed on him to pursue a modeling career.

However, the Latina babe hinted about what the future holds for her and the 33-year-old realtor. Apparently, Fernanda is certain that she and Jonathan will not be getting back together for good. Some TLC fans are calling her out online after she criticized Larissa Christina over modeling aspirations.

90 Day Fiance: Fernanda Says Jonathan Won’t Try to Fix Marriage

The 90 Day Fiance, who has been mum about the breakup, is now breaking her silence. In an Instagram post, Fernanda Flores reveals her marriage is over and she’s blaming Jonathan for it. She’s calmer now than when she was posting shotgun pics right after their split and his refusal to take her back.

In response to a fan comment telling her to fix her marriage, Fernanda said that Jonathan Rivera is the one who doesn’t want to work things out. The 90 Day Fiance pointed out that she can’t work things out with her ex-husband because he has “no intentions” to fix their marriage.

Interestingly, Jonathan previously revealed that Fernanda asked for forgiveness but he’s not having any of it. He added that the last time he talked to her was December 22. Jonathan contacted someone to help him with his next move to end their marriage officially, he revealed recently.

90 Day Fiance - Fernanda Flores

Fernanda Flores Says “I’m Done Too”

With Jonathan Rivera stating that he’s firm on his decision to end things with his ex-wife, Fernanda Flores is now ready to move on. The 90 Day Fiance Mexican beauty seems to have had enough and is now letting things go.

In a tweet written in Spanish, Fernanda said she’s “tired of being quiet, submissive, peaceful, and stupid”. She also claimed that she’s fed up with being “hopeful to repair the irreparable” no doubt referring to their marriage. She ends her post with a stinging remark in English: “Is he done? Guess what? I’m done too!”

90 Day Fiance: Jonathan Snaps Back At Fernanda: ‘Good For You’

Surprisingly, Jonathan Rivera claps back at Fernanda Flores. Shortly after the feisty post, the 90 Day Fiance hunk pointed out that his ex-wife made the right decision to just give it up.

90 Day Fiance - Jonathan Rivera

Jonathan Claps Back on Ex-90 Day Fiance

Jonathan quipped “Good for you” in response to Fernanda’s tweet saying she’s done. He remains firm that he can’t let someone back into his life that ran off in the first place chasing modeling fame. It seems like any little hope of reconciliation between Fernanda Flores and Jonathan Rivera has disappeared for good.

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