’90 Day Fiance’: Jesse Meester Donates Masks to Hospitals – Where Did He Get Them?

90 Day Fiance’s Jesse Meester announced that he and his team would donate N-95 protective masks to hospitals and healthcare workers who are on the frontlines of the COVID-19 pandemic. He also encouraged others to do so.

Jesse Meester tells the story of where he acquired the much coveted masks and what the 90 Day Fiance celeb does with them.

90 Day Fiance Star Jesse Meester Reports on an Eerily Empty Manhattan

Jesse Meester shared with his followers this picture of an eerily empty SoHo district in Manhattan. 90 Day Fiance fans know that Jesse Meester loves traveling, but especially to the United States, especially New York City.

Seeing this city in this state has definitely got to be heartbreaking for Jesse. Just a week ago, he was getting some sunshine in Central Park. He practiced social distancing while riding around on a bike with a black mask on.

Jesse Meester Bought N-95 Masks Prior to the Pandemic

90 Day Fiance cast member Jesse Meester before the outbreak had reached the United States, bought some protective masks. He bought N95 masks which block out more particles than a surgical mask. It’s what healthcare professionals use.

Jesse purchased them while supplies were plentiful and there were not shortages. He figured he would use them for personal use, then if things became worse, he would sell them online.

Now that Jesse sees that healthcare workers are running critically low on supplies, the last thing he wants to do is profit from his purchase. So, he dontated his N95 masks to health care workers.

While some are lauding this 90 Day Fiance alum for being so generous, others aren’t so sure. Some think he can’t move his product for whatever reason, so he’s now turning to giving the masks away. This is very unlikely as N95 masks are selling like hotcakes and are sold-out everywhere, even online. Jesse could have easily sold his masks for several times what he paid for them.

Jesse Meester has always been very generous with his time and money. He is also urging people not to grab for cash and not to hoard when shopping. Plus, to send hospitals some encouraging letters and artwork for patients. So at least he’s using his clout for some good.

The 90 Day Fiance celeb did hold onto a few masks for personal use and will give away some to friends and fans.

90 Day Fiance: What’s Next for Jesse Meester?

While this 90 Day Fiance Dutchman certainly likes to travel all around the world, it looks like Jesse Meester’s plans will have to wait. He might’ve just posted a picture of himself in an empty SoHo, but he’s actually back home in the Netherlands.

In fact, he may have taken his last plane ride for a while, as the pandemic is getting worse, even in his home country. He concedes that he left NYC just in time, as the city’s now America’s hotspot for the coronavirus.

Considering Jesse has a full photography team, at least he still has plenty of pictures to look back on to reminisce on his exciting times while traveling.

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