’90 Day Fiance’: Jay’s Sister Alleges Ashley Did BFF Dirty – Natalie Crawford Vindicated?

90 Day Fiance shots were fired by Jay Smith‘s older sister Ornella “Poochie” Smith at Ashley Martson. But, it could be Ashley’s former bestie Natalie Crawford that gets the last laugh. Jay’s sister Poochie railed against the TLC star and called her out for alleged fraud. In addition to claiming Ashley used GoFundMe money for plastic surgery, she brought to light all the things the Pennsylvania resident allegedly did to her former best friend, too. What’s the scoop?

90 Day Fiance: Poochie Accuses Ashley Martson of Stunts Against Natalie Crawford

In addition to the GFM claims, the other takeaway from Poochie’s Instagram tell-all has to do with what she said about Ashley’s former BFF Natalie Crawford. Jay Smith’s sibling dished on all the ways Ashley Martson allegedly did her former best friend dirty. Including making fake accounts online to make her look bad, vandalizing her car, and calling the cops on her multiple times.

The explosive accusations don’t stop there. Raine Smith alleges Ashley Martson leaked pictures of her own kids and tried to frame Natalie Crawford for that, too. In an interview back in January, Natalie Crawford confirmed she got a restraining order against her former bestie. Given everything Jay Smith’s sister revealed – along with Ashley and Natalie’s tumultuous friendship – it certainly adds new context to past events.

In addition to the posts below, Poochie alleges that Ashley’s surgery she made a big deal of was a tummy tuck and was financed by GoFundMe money.

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90 Day Fiance: Is Natalie Vindicated and Laughing Now?

With everything blowing up around Ashley Martson currently, it seems Natalie Crawford may be the last one standing in the end. Natalie riding away on her scooter after a confrontation with Ashley Martson is a scene 90 Day Fiance fans will never forget. It’s a moment that will live on thanks to the countless memes that followed. And, it seems Natalie may now be vindicated in light of everything that’s tumbling out, if Poochie’s allegations are to be believed.

Natalie Crawford shared a post on Instagram from a popular 90 Day Fiance fan account. It’s a short clip from the confrontation between the former besties. In the clip, Natalie asks Ashley Martson what she’s going to do when she has no one at the end of the day. Then, Natalie rides off on her scooter. With Natalie out of the picture, Jay Smith in ICE custody, and Ornell Smith (AKA Poochie) spilling piping hot tea all across social media, it seems Natalie may laugh last.

More Tea from Poochie – Jay Smith’s Sister

Poochie even went in on Ashley Martson’s reported sugar daddy. She alleges that Ashley told Jay he had to deal with it. There’s a lot of talk among 90 Day Fiance followers of Jay Smith cheating on her. The Jamaican playboy talking to other women online is well documented on the TLC show. But, his sister claims Ashley cheated on him first. This paints a drastically different picture about who’s playing whom in this situation. Maybe they’re both playing each other?

In addition, unlike TLC cast members who sign non-disclosure agreements, Ornell Smith (also known online as Raine Smith) has nothing to lose by dropping these 90 Day Fiance bombshells. She said in her series of Instagram posts she has no reason to lie. Meanwhile, during all this, Jay Smith remains in ICE custody. It’ll be interesting to see what else comes to light in the coming days.

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