90 Day Fiance: Ashley and Jay’s Many Weddings – Two Fake, One Real?

90 Day Fiance’s Ashley Martson and Jay Smith have finally admitted to a third wedding. But are any of them real? They are all over social media lately as is her former-BFF Natalie Crawford who was at more than one of their nuptials. And if they are truly wed, does it matter if they’ve split, as all signs indicate? What’s the latest with their ongoing off-camera shenanigans?

90 Day Fiance: Ashley Martson Speaks Out on Weddings

Ashely Martson took to Instagram to address the marriage rumors. As fans saw on 90 Day Fiance Season 6, Ashley and Jay planned to elope to Las Vegas. Yet Soap Dirt did some digging and discovered that there’s no record of the couple ever tying the knot in Sin City. With no record of them marrying in Las Vegas and Jay Smith admitting that their wedding ceremony in Jamaica was just for show, there were more questions than answers.

To try and explain their strange history of multiple weddings, 90 Day Fiance Ashley Martson posted a screenshot of their marriage certificate on Instagram. The certificate shows they married in Pennsylvania, not Las Vegas. Ashley Martson admits that they couldn’t get to Vegas before the K1 visa 90 days expired. Because the clock was clicking down, she said she and Jay “went to City Hall” in Harrisburg. Then she said it was a week later they went to Vegas “for an actual ceremony”.

90 Day Fiance: Ashley Was NOT Alone at Vegas Wedding

This reveal opens up a completely different 90 Day Fiance can of worms. If Ashley and Jay Smith married in Pennsylvania, Natalie Crawford going to Vegas to stop their wedding seems like another case of TLC frauding. See the leaked pictures below and it’s confirmed that Natalie was with them in Vegas. Plus, she looks happy to be there. Natalie’s boyfriend proposed to her and there are no signs she was there to stop a wedding that wasn’t a real ceremony to begin with.

Yet, when the wedding showed on the episode, it looked like Ashley went through the whole event alone. She even said she had “no one to help me get ready” and added that she was sad because she was “alone on her wedding day”. She said her friends weren’t there and she did it “all by myself”. But looking at the photos below and you see that Ashley Martson had at least two pals on hand with her. Things still don’t align. Was production keeping Ashley’s friends out of sight of the camera to create a false narrative? Sure looks that way.

Further, this isn’t the first time that TLC and 90 Day Fiance pulled a stunt. Ricky Reyes had more than his fair share of controversy on Before the 90 Days. A source told Soap Dirt that production hired an actress to play another love interest while Ricky Reyes was in Colombia to see Ximena Parra. Reportedly, Ricky played along with the hijinks to get more episodes, more screen time and more money. The source claims she was added in for the sake of drama but it wound up hurting Ximena.

TLC Manufacturing Drama Between Natalie and Jay Smith?

Exaggerating the conflict between Natalie and Ashley over Jay doesn’t sound far-fetched for 90 Day Fiance. Take into account the recent photos where they are all smiles. Add to this the implication that Natalie knew Jay married Ashley Martson a week before they went to Vegas to celebrate. How could she stop a wedding that already happened? A third wedding, no less. Put this together and it casts doubt over prior claims. Natalie had her bags packed. She looks happy as a clam in photos with Jay Smith and Ashley in Sin City.

This foils the idea that Natalie Crawford went to Vegas to stop a wedding that technically took place a week before. According to Ashley, wedding #2 of their three ceremonies was legit. And while the first was a demonstration for Jay’s Jamaican family, it seems like the third was just for the TLC cameras and to generate more drama. It’s hard to tell where the 90 Day Fiance deception ends and the truth begins.

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