’90 Day Fiance’: Jay Smith Spotted With New Woman – Back to Cheating?

90 Day Fiance‘s Jay Smith had a wild last few weeks. After his boss bailed him out of ICE custody, Kayla O’Brien, his new love interest, was there for him. The new pair seemed happy together judging by social media posts.

But, if the latest speculation is true, this new romance may be in trouble already. So, did Jay Smith get what he wanted from Kayla O’Brien then moved on with a new love? What’s the latest?

90 Day Fiance: Jay Smith Spotted with Another Woman?

A 90 Day Fiance fan recently spilled tea on Jay Smith in comments on one of Ashley Martson’s Instagram posts. The fan claims she saw Jay Smith out and about with another woman. At first glance, viewers assume it’s the woman he left Ashley for. But, if what the IG user says is true, the tattoo artist was out with a completely different woman. 90 Day Fiance watchers know Jay Smith for his womanizing ways. Is he at it again with an entirely new woman?

What adds even more intrigue to this 90 Day Fiance story is that Jay Smith removed all traces of Kayla O’Brien from his IG. She ran his GoFundMe while he was in lockup. In addition, she was one of the first people to meet him at the jail. Interestingly, she still has pictures of the 90 Day Fiance guy on her IG.

Jay Smith’s partying ways are well documented. The young 90 Day Fiance cast member caught a lot of heat for allegedly having sex with an unidentified woman in the bathroom of the local barber shop featured on the TLC show. Early on in their relationship, Ashley Martson called him out for messaging women on Tinder. Is Kayla O’Brien the latest victim of his alleged cheating ways?

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90 Day Fiance: Is Jay Cheating on Kayla O’Brien?

Many TLC fans felt Jay Smith moved on quickly with Kayla O’Brien once ICE released him. Now, it seems he may have moved on just as quickly from his new girl with another new woman. Along with his sister Ornella Raine “Poochie” Smith, Kayla O’Brien was one of Jay’s biggest supporters while behind bars. She even went in on Ashley Martson and accused her of physically abusing her Jamaican husband.

But, in light of this latest sighting, it seems there may already be trouble in paradise for the young pair. Some 90 Day Fiance fans think Jay Smith used Kayla O’Brien and moved on from her once he got what he wanted. Maybe she was someone to lean on during hard times. And, now that Jay is out of custody, it could be he doesn’t need her by his side any more.

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What’s Next for Jay Smith?

Judging by his social feed, Jay Smith’s been living it up since getting out of custody. But, he may not be in the clear just yet. Poochie Smith said her brother still has an upcoming hearing to ultimately determine whether he stays in America or gets the boot back to Jamaica.

Along with getting back to tattooing, it appears he may have returned to his playboy ways as well. At the moment, it’s unknown if Jay was out with his latest love interest. But, given his history and the fact that he wiped Kayla O’Brien from his social media, there’s more than enough here to get the chatter going among TLC viewers.

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