’90 Day Fiance’: Jay Smith Starts Go Fund Me to Pay for New Life Away from Ashley

90 Day Fiance’s Jay Smith is looking to Go Fund Me for cash for his new life apart from Ashley Martson. Will fans step up to fund the Jamaican boy toy’s single set up now that he’s dumped his bride? Lots of TLC stars have used the crowdfunding platform to raise much-needed money, but is this request over the line? And was he using Ashley from the get-go?

90 Day Fiance Spoilers- Jay Smith Rents U-Haul – Takes Off From New Wife

Although we just saw their Elvis wedding on 90 Day Fiance, it looks like Ashley Martson and husband Jay are done. She spent Christmas in the hospital, away from her kids, thanks to a nasty lupus flare. Jay Smith showed a few pics at the hospital visiting, but then they seemed to cut each other out of their lives.

Both unfollowed the other on social media. Then they purged all couple pics and photos of the other one from their timelines. Now their Instagram profiles look like they are assuredly single. But what’s more telling was Jay Smith posting a video of him in a rented U-Haul driving away the same day Ashley got out of the hospital.

Jay Asks 90 Day Fiance Fans to Finance His Lifestyle

On the last 90 Day Fiance episode, Jay Smith said he wouldn’t leave Ashley’s house unless she called the cops. It turns out she did, according to Jay. He posted on Instagram, as you can see above. “Okay Ashley calls the cops” then added “guess it’s time to leave now”. It’s not clear when she called, but the timing seems to be that he was in a moving truck as she came back home from her medical crisis.

With Jay on a K1 visa, that puts Ashley Martson in a tough place. His K1 sponsor is stuck with financial responsibility for him for a decade. But then again, Ashley is a bartender and can’t earn a ton of money. With two kids in the house, it might be that child support is her big source of income.

If so, then perhaps someone else sponsored Jay Smith for her. Like how David Toborowsky got a sponsor for Annie Suwan because he had no income. So far, TLC viewers don’t seem impressed by Jay’s money grab. Check out some of the hostile reactions in the slideshow below.

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Should Fans Help Jay Smith Run Away from Ashley?

As 90 Day Fiance viewers also saw on the last show, Jay Smith set up a Tinder profile to start checking out chicks. He did this before they even settled in from their Vegas wedding trip. TLC showed that he never stopped talking to women online but kept making excuses to Ashley Martson. Friends told Ashley repeatedly that he was using her but he said it was love.

So with them barely married and the cheating revealed, should 90 Day Fiance watchers step up and help him? Someone started up a joke Go Fund Me on Ashley’s behalf. It’s set up under the request for money to “help Ashley send Jays cheating ass” back to Jamaica. See that in the slideshow above.

As of this writing, that one (not started by Ashley) had $0 donated. Jay Smith’s GFM had $10 of a sought $5k at this time. Will you kick in some dough to help the Jamaican begin his new bachelor life?

Tonight on TLC, watch more of the dismantling of Jay Smith and Ashley Martson’s relationship on a new episode of 90 Day Fiance.

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