’90 Day Fiance’ Hazel Gets What She Wants At Her Bachelorette Party – Recap

On 90 Day Fiance, Hazel Cagalitan has a definite type when it comes to her taste in women, and hubby to be Tarik Myers delivers. Rebecca Parrott and Zied Hakimi do a pit stop at Target as they race to the altar before Ramadan. Yara Zaya likes Vegas alright but has doubts about marrying Jovi Dufren. Mike Youngquist wants his ring back from a scorned Natalie Mordovtseva. And Stephanie Davison sends cousin Harris back to the jungle with plenty of snack money. Let’s take a deep dive into season 8 episode 15 Love Me or Leave Me in this week’s recap.

Hazel Cagalitan Likes Big Butts and She Cannot Lie on 90 Day Fiance

Hazel Cagalitan has a lot on her mind. She really wants to tell her very religious parents that she is bisexual. But she’s super nervous to do so. Hazel finally bites the bullet and rings them up for a video chat. She tells them that she likes women as well as men. They are of course a little shocked at first. But her dad tells her that if she’s happy he is happy. Her mom doesn’t take it so well and suggests they pray for her. But Hazel is relieved.

On 90 Day Fiance Tarik really feels bad about the whole Menty mess among other things. They are planning their wedding and he wants Hazel to have a bachelorette party. He’s going to pass on a bachelor party but he hires some entertainment for Hazel’s last night as a single lady. Due to the pandemic, the party has to be small. Tarik’s no nonsense bestie Angela gathers everyone together and pops some champagne.

The doorbell rings and surprise! It’s a curvy lady in a bikini and a mask who isn’t shy. Hazel seems smitten and says this is just the type of girl she wants as her sister wife. There’s some cheeky dancing and a good time is had by all. Angela tells Hazel that Tarik picked the entertainment. Hazel admits she’s lucky to have met Tarik. He accepts her for who she is and whatever she wants he is open to. These two crazy kids may just make it after all.

Rebecca And Zied Race To The Altar

On 90 Day Fiance Rebecca Parrott is spent. She’s logging sixty hour weeks at the chicken shack and is under pressure to get married before Ramadan. Rebecca has a dress that doesn’t fit and Zied Hakimi has only the half of his wedding duds. A red jacket and blue shoes. Rebecca is too tired to fight but does suggest a pit stop at Target so he doesn’t show up at the altar looking like Donald Duck without pants. Rebecca scolds Zied for his cart skills and just for generally existing at this point.

Because it’s the pandemic the dressing rooms are closed. Rebecca chews hard on her lip while explaining to the clerk that they are trying to get MARRIED in a few days and need to try on these pants. Like the essential worker stocking Clorox wipes and rationing out Charmin cares about this Karen’s 4th wedding. Then there is the problem of Zied’s sister. She doesn’t know the wedding is in a few days and is not a fan of the whole thing.

Zied calls up his sister who isn’t thrilled about any of this. Zied explains that he is happy and that he loves Rebecca as well as American stores with everything from pants to trail mix. He thinks she’s just upset that he left home. But she has a husband and family and now it’s his turn. Rebecca on the other hand vents to frenemy Melanie about the ill fitting dress and all the pressure. But in the end Rebecca decides to soldier on with a corset and hope that the fourth time’s the charm.

Yara is Sad and Lonely in Las Vegas on 90 Day Fiance

Jovi Dufren is starring in his own personal version of The Hangover. Straight from the strip club to a flight to LAX and now a road trip to Vegas with his three best friends and a knocked up bride-to-be. All that’s missing is Mike Tyson and a tiger. Yara Zaya is miserable. She just wants to sleep and is shoved in the back seat with Jovi and his stripper enabling buddy. She tries to sleep but none of them will shut up. Of course none of them know she’s pregnant.

Maybe it would be best to just tell them? Then they might understand why his 90 Day Fiance isn’t thrilled about hitting the lobby bar as soon as they arrive. Yara is enjoying the scenery of the drive. But gets lonely when they stop at a kitschy restaurant complete with giant dinosaurs. She bonds for a minute with a live turtle on the premises but calls a friend back home for support and gets voicemail.

Once in Vegas she just wants to chill. But Jovi and friends have different ideas about the first night on the strip. Yara whines that Jovi only cares about his friends and this might as well be just another party weekend instead of their wedding. Jovi promises to do better. And offers up a romantic evening rather than hang with his friends. So it’s off to Circus Circus for 2-for-1 well drinks and a diet Coke for Yara.

Natalie Says Goodbye For Now

Natalie Mordovtseva is a wreck. Crying and trying her best to get away from Mike Youngquist and his little house of horrors. The woodburner is certainly a waste with all the gaslighting that goes on in this house. Uncle Beau makes a rare and touching cameo. He loads Natalie’s suitcases while waiting for her to depart so he can claim half of the moldy closet again. Natalie hugs him and apologizes for being rough on him. He offers to keep in touch and it’s a big fat NO from Natalie.

On 90 Day Fiance Natalie leaps into the car with neighbor Tamara demanding she peel outta there and leave Sequim in the rear view mirror for good. MIke mists a little and wants to know if he can have a hug. Natalie screams for Tamara to just drive already and snot bubbles to Mike that she will be blocking him so don’t bother to call. Finally they get on the road but it’s short lived because they need Mike’s actual credit card to check her into a room he booked in Seattle.

So they roll back up the hill and Uncle Beau’s heart sinks when he hears them as he’s just flipped a flapjack and wants his old life back. Mike hands over the plastic but can’t resist one last twist of the knife by asking Natalie for the ring back. Natalie starts raging and Mike just keeps asking for it back. Tamara fears for her life as Natalie’s hair is now growing and overtaking the car. They leave again but it looks like a return to Sequim mountain is in the near future.

Stephanie Sends Ryan Off With Snack Money on 90 Day Fiance

Stephanie Davison is wrapping up her family affair tour in Belize. She wants to spend the last few hours with cousin Harris. Who so kindly crossed miles of land and sea to be there for the cougar in distress. The morning plans include sucking coconuts and Facebook stalking. Stephanie’s a little concerned that the mother of Harris’s kids may still be carrying a torch for her possible new 90 Day Fiance. Due to a recent picture of them looking cozy at a birthday party.

No matter that Stephanie herself was banging his cousin Ryan much more recently. And he just called earlier that morning. Harris explains away the Facebook picture as just a baby mama being nice. And just keeps repeating how much he loves Stephanie and can she just hurry up and white out Ryan’s name on that K-1 visa and put his in? Stephanie is gaga over Harris and mentions that the sex is “phenomenal”.

Sadly for Stephanie on 90 Day Fiance it’s time for Harris to make the long trek back to the jungle. She helps him pack his things into a hefty bag including a sloppy seconds consolation prize watch that was supposed to be Ryan’s. She is also worried that Harris might get hangry on his 4 hour bus ride. So she slips him a Benjamin for snacks. Harris thinks it’s fake but she assures him it’s a real “hundred American”. She waves goodbye and the staff serves up a margarita. She’s gonna need it.

Julia Wants a Proper Wedding and Brandon Doesn’t Care

Say what you will about Brandon Gibb’s mom Betty on 90 Day Fiance, the lady seems to have a lot of fun on the farm. That is when she’s not upset about Brandon and fiancé Julia Trubkina possible moving out. She frolics with chickens and gives hubby Ron a haircut. Brandon joins them during the grooming session for some oh shucks family laughs. But they also want to know if he’s really sure about marrying the Russian interloper inside.

Brandon says he really loves her. And isn’t ready to give her up. Betty pours herself a nice red and offers to help Julia get a dress and shoes because time is of the essence! They need to move quick and move the date up due to the pandemic restrictions. Betty is glowing because this kills the whole mother’s day/wedding day conflict. Julia gets whiny and says it isn’t what she wants but ok.

Once they are alone they start to argue. Julia doesn’t believe they will have a second larger wedding once things get better. And Brandon really doesn’t care either way. Julia storms out asking why she is here and why she stay here and why she marry Brandon. So she sulks off to her old room to pout. In the kitchen Betty finishes up the dishes to the hum of a thousand crickets and sits down to more wine.

Amira Chooses To Go Home on 90 Day Fiance

Amira Lollysa is at the end of her 2 week detour in Serbia. Which has consisted of being hungry in a hotel room while Andrew Kenton berates her via text. Andrew is now moping around to production that he should be picking her up at the airport. But instead she’s on a plane to France. It seems that after the pair argued last week things only got worse. And Andrew purchased her a ticket home and told her to choose a flight.

Amira cries yet again alone while detailing that he was mean to her and picked a fight. Still she decided to go to the airport and go to America to meet him. When she calls to tell him her decision he says he’s still upset about with her and tells her to do what she wants because he doesn’t care. So Amira has a panic attack and makes the decision to go home to France. Good choice girl. Till next time!

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