’90 Day Fiance’: Fans Question Andrei Castravet’s Employment Status After Cryptic Post

90 Day Fiance star Andrei Castravet had fans questioning his employment status after posting a cryptic Instagram caption. Andrei’s job situation is always the topic of conversation. Ever since he moved to America his wife Elizabeth Potthast has been supporting him. Although Elizabeth often seeks financial help from her father, Chuck. Which Andrei doesn’t approve of. However, Andrei has promised that he will do whatever it takes to support his family. After his recent social media post, followers started to wonder if Andrei is keeping his promise. Is Andre still unemployed?

90 Day Fiance – Andrei Castravet Spends Family Time By The Pool

Andrei Castravet took to Instagram to share a picture of himself and his daughter Eleanor. The picture included the 90 Day Fiance father-daughter duo spending some time at Elizabeth’s sister’s pool. Andrei seems to be enjoying fatherhood. However, as seen on the show he did admit that he doesn’t like changing dirty diapers.

The 90 Day Fiance Moldovan native had a hard time getting along with Elizabeth’s family. Especially her father and sisters. Libby’s family weren’t the biggest fans of her husband. Therefore, it is nice to see Andrei spending time with his in-laws. Her sister even thanked Andrei in the comments section for coming over to spend time at the pool.

90 Day Fiance: Instagram Post Jokes About Unemployment

Andrei Castravet doesn’t have the best track record when it comes to working in America. Therefore, when he captioned his picture writing “my kind of Saturday… just like any other day”, fans thought he was making a joke. One fan commented “I see what you did there. Just like any other day.” In which another fan replied “ya because he doesn’t have a job.” It seems like every day is Saturday for Andrei.

The 90 Day Fiance TLC alum was offered employment from his father-in-law, Chuck. However, he refused to work for him. Andrei didn’t want to take orders from Chuck. He also didn’t want his father-in-law to know his financial business. He insisted that he would find employment and provide for his family himself.

TLC Viewers Question Job Search

Andrei Castravet has faced a lot of criticism when it comes to his job status. Viewers of the show expressed online that they hope he starts working so he can take care of Elizabeth Potthast and their daughter. Viewers believed that he shouldn’t be relying on Chuck for financial support. One fan stated that “it’s not right to have your father-in-law supporting you.”

Fans of 90 Day Fiance questioned Andrei Castravet’s current employment situation. Many viewers wondered if he is even working. One fan wrote “seriously do you ever go to work?” Questioning if he works or “you still getting money from your in-laws.” One job may not even be enough. One fan suggested that he should “get a job or two or three.”

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