’90 Day Fiance’: Andrei Slammed as ‘Entitled’ at Job Interview on ‘Happily Ever After’

90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After fans criticized Andrei Castravet online for his behavior during his job interview on Sunday night’s TLC show. Especially while his pregnant wife, Elizabeth Potthast, is stressed out about him not having a job. The online critics first pointed out Andrei’s inappropriate outfit for a job interview. From there, they picked apart everything and said his attitude seemed “entitled”.

90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After – Andrei Castravet and Elizabeth Potthast Live Rent Free

This 90 Day Fiance couple gets a rent-free home from Elizabeth’s father, Chuck Potthast. In return, he asked that Andrei Castravet do some work around the place. It’s not known if Andrei did the work or not. Chuck says his son-in-law did not do the chores requested. But Andrei said he did do some of them. Either way, her father’s complaints about the work not getting done got to Andrei Castravet.

So, he decided he wanted nothing more from Chuck Potthast. Then, they moved out of the free house and got an apartment. On Happily Ever After, Elizabeth’s father said his son-in-law and daughter lack gratitude. When Elizabeth complains about their dad to her sister, the sister tends to side with the father. The show makes it seem like Elizabeth’s father supports them. It doesn’t appear to 90 Day Fiance show fans that Elizabeth and Andrei appreciate it.


Happily Ever After: Wife Sets Husband Up for a Fall?

So when Andrei Castravet insists on them moving out of her father’s property and into an apartment, he forgot one thing. As Elizabeth Potthast tells 90 Day Fiance cameras, they have no money. So, she went behind her husband’s back and asked for more help from her father to pay for the new place. While her dad was annoyed, he agreed to pay and also promised Elizabeth he would not tell Andrei.

It looks like Elizabeth set her husband up with this move, seen on Happily Ever After. If Andrei Castravet happens to tell his father-in-law again that they’re doing this on their own, who knows what Chuck Potthast will say. As of now, Elizabeth set it up so Andrei believes she got a pay advance to pay for the move. While he prides himself on not depending on his father-in-law, they still are. Even if Libby got a pay advance, she works for her dad, so it’s still his money.

90 Day Fiance: Job Interview Gone Awry

Andrei’s outlook seemed to really irk fans as they called him out as “entitled” on social media. He criticized Chuck to Elizabeth and said her father needs to mind his own business. Yet, he knew Chuck was paying their rent at that time. Fans also noted they didn’t like Andrei’s behavior at the job interview. In fact, Libby told the 90 Day Fiance cameras that she “doesn’t know what planet he’s from”.

Andrei applied for a job as a full-time truck driver. But because he only has a month of experience, the employer only offered him a spot on their replacement roster. The employer said he would get jobs that would earn $900-1,000 each week. Since Andrei was under the impression he’d make double that from the job recruiter, he didn’t jump at it.

Instead, he told his prospective employer he wants to talk it over with his wife. He left the interview saying he’d get back to them. But he said something different to Elizabeth with Happily Ever After cameras rolling.

Happily Ever After: Looking for Greener Pastures

The interviewer seemed surprised at Andrei’s apparent lack of enthusiasm. She was willing to give him an entry-level job. The, it seems the 90 Day Fiance expectant father didn’t want to commit when they called. He asked what would happen if he didn’t accept a route when called. The woman told Andrei if he refused, she’d take him off the roster.

When he told Elizabeth about the job, it floored her that he didn’t take it. Instead, he said he wants something better-paying and more permanent. This triggered Happily Ever After viewers. They commented that Andrei doesn’t understand he needs to build job experience. He seemed to want a high-paying job from the get-go. At the same time, Elizabeth wants him working now.

His wife was stunned as she’s pregnant and they need money now. Fans hopped online to slam Andrei’s attitude about the job. People couldn’t believe he showed up in shorts and a polo shirt for a job interview and then didn’t jump at the offer. While Libby wasn’t thrilled, they are still happily married and going strong now, months after all this went down.

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